Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Say it Ain't So"

There is a whole contingency here on DU, Dem. Underground, that are caught up in the details, that they fail to see how truly far we have fallen as a party.

Either people have a very short memory or they are not old enough to remember how the Democratic Party used to be.

Frankly, it's down right comical what the Democratic party has turned into.

If one were to compare and contrast the party of Carter to the party of Obama, it would be terrifying.

What we have now is a centrist right leaning Dem pres. Anyone who tries to reinterpret that is just not paying attention.

If we actually had a real party for the people, an FDR type party, people today would freak out. They honestly wouldn't know what to do with all of their rights as a person and as a worker.

But alas, we are now controlled by the corporations. Each and everyday we have to make yet a new allowance for our degrading lives.

I'm tired of calling a shit sandwich; steak.

Javaman from D.U.

(Above is from the Democratic Underground, see link.)

Btw speaking of "Shit sandwiches" Just this evening I heard a new automated announcement on the subway.

Basically it went, " is a crime to panhandle, (beg), on all trains, and stations."

"Please do not give."

"Help us maintain an orderly system,...thank you."

'Thought you'd like to know how things are going in the Emerald City.


Zaek said...

Yes, our political system ceased quite some time ago to be a self-correcting mechanism governed by a balance of rival parties. It's now a gimcrack juggernaut swiftly rattling to ruin under the madly ideological rulership of a corporate oligarchy.

A graffito I saw many, many years ago: "Life is like a shit sandwich. The more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat." Crude, but even truer now than it was then.

Sion said...

I give up.

I have tried my best to see the positive side of Barack Obama, but there isn't one. I gave him a credit big enough to buy out Goldman Sachs, just because he was black. What an opportunity wasted! The first black president of the USA - and he turns out to be just another White House clone!

I am so sorry.

His latest rant against Wikileaks decided it for me.

This guy doesn't even have the intelligence to see that rants and threats are the worst way to deal with these 'leaks'. Wikileaks has only confirmed what we all knew - the 'leak' was a golden opportunity for a president with a little human integrity to rise above the embarrassment and to stand by truthfulness. He would have taken the whole world with him!

What is he now? Just another piece of White Trash of a slightly different hue.

Uncle 2012 said...

It gives me no joy to agree with you,..but I do.

My friends tell me to "hang on". "Wait, and see."

Well I expect nothing, but I will lay off him on this blog from now on, point in going on about it.

Hope. I'll try to have hope.