Sunday, December 5, 2010


Obama is giving the republicans their tax break for the rich. He has caved on everything that mattered since we foolishly elected him.

So he's either stupid, incompetent, or was always farther to the right than we knew.

How I wish I could pin him down on his record at those town meetings he has across the country. Oh what am I saying. He's apparently not 'that' stupid. Those things are now attended by hand picked audiences.

His handlers ain't taking chances after that lady stood up to him saying that she's "...tired of having to defend" him.

I now wish I had supported Hillery. She has Brass Balls, and would have kicked republican butt into next Tuesday! Mr. Happy needs to step aside in 2012, and let Hillery have what's rightfully hers. She's a heartless maniac, and will eat the bastards alive.

Btw this is why the republicans hate, and fear her so.


Anonymous said...

That will allow Billybob back in the White House.

Is that such a good idea?

Still if the Moosehunter is a go for the tea party maybe Billary will be the only weapon available to bring her down.

Another four wasted years, Amerika whilst China gets ever stronger.

Anonymous said...

You have lost your ability to think.

graymogul said...

This was a realistic and rational political compromise which ensures that the unemployed get an extension of their unemployment insurance benefits.
The compromise extends the Bush era tax cuts for two years when they will automatically expire.
The new health care system has not yet taken effect. There will be a very different political climate in 2012 than the scenario for 2012 being described today by political pundits.
Trust Pres. Obama. He does what is necessary to protect those who have little influence and power.

Sion said...

'So he's either stupid, incompetent, or was always farther to the right than we knew.'

I have to admit I am disappointed with Obama's latest concessions.

I am beginning to suspect that what is happening to President Obama is rather like something that happened to the first Labour prime minister of Britain - Ramsay MacDonald.

MacDonald rose from obscure origins (he was the illegitimate son of a housemaid) and became the first 'working man' to head a British government. He was in consequence subject to enormous pressures. Not only did he have to remain loyal to the ideals of the Labour movement - he also had to live up to the expectations and duties (as he conceived them) of a prime minister, even when those expectations and duties clashed with the interests of the working classes that he represented.

MacDonald was undone by the crisis of the Great Depression. He eventually succumbed to demands to join an all-party 'National Government' in which Labour interests were quickly swamped by the traditional interests of Establishment, Money and Property. He is today generally reviled in Labour ranks as a traitor.

I have always felt sympathy for MacDonald. I think he made some wrong decisions. But I think he made them because of the peculiar situation in which he found himself. He had to demonstrate that a man of his own obscure origins (and in that period class was as big an issue as race is today) could act responsibily towards the whole of society. I suspect that Obama lives with a similar burden. The first black president carries the hopes and ideals of millions on his shoulders - but he is also, paradoxically, in thrall to the powers of Money and Property - and the powers of Money and Property are very skilled at presenting their own vested interests as those of the nation.

Uncle 2012 said...

As for losing my ability to think. Humm, no I won't be voting republican anytime soon.

However I think we have the right to be profoundly disappointed in Mr. Happy.

Will I vote for him in 2012. That depends on how the ground looks then.