Sunday, December 26, 2010

"...and in local news"

Imagine my horror on waking after a nap to find that the blessed Emerald City was in the grip of a Nor'easter,..that's a gawd awful terrifying blizzard to you auslanders.

When I zonked out it was like this...

Now it's like this!

What the hell happened. This was supposed to blow out to sea, and now it's in my soxs!

One the up side nolonger being a property owner I don't have to shovel bleep. Old guys thinking they're still 21, and hacking at snow drifts is called the "Heart Attack Special" by medical techs. Me, I'm sitting this one out.

...and a Merry Holidaze to ya's All!!


Zaek said...

OMG! I didn't know snow could get that fierce in NYC. I hope you have a full cupboard and don't have to go out anywhere. Praise be to Mithras I've never had to shovel snow!

Uncle 2012 said...

Thunder-snow is what we got. Lightning, and thunder during a blizzard. Ain't had this since the 1990's somewhere.

It's still going crazy out there. I may go back out at daylight, and get a few snaps for the page.

Uncle 2012 said...

Cupboard,..humm. Forgot all about that. I'll have to sled across the parkway to get stuff later.

It will either be fun or life threatening, but then around here that normal.

poetreader said...

Nice vids.

Greetings from white and windy New Hampshire.


graymogul said...

Jeez, you gentle souls of the city, when the weather folk on the telly-bizon begin wailing their songs of impending disaster, it is time for simple country peasants such as our little family to bring into our humble cottage our sheep, chickens and goats.
We also bring in ample supplies of feed for the animals; bread and flour; tins of bully beef, fruits and vegetables; firewood; snow shovels, and a good supply of Crisco.
Our little house is the home of five men who never had enough goats, sheep and chickens in their younger years to buy wives so now we are condemned to live in what a Yankee sociologist once told us was a polyamorous smorgasbord of over-sensitive glanses and insatiable anal sphincters.
Perhaps someday we will be able to buy a snow plow, but until then, when the snow falls we are condemned to stay in bed from November to April.

Anonymous said...

Yay, thunder snow !!

That was on the TV news last night and we all laughed.

Trust the Yanks to have to have a special melodramatic type of snow.

Keep warm and safe Sid.

Lino said...

Sidney, we had thunder snow/blizzard on Christmas Day 2002. Wrecked some of my outdoor lights and forced family guests to stay over....ugh.


Anonymous said...

I forgot that one. I was thinking of the one in the early 1990's when Max, and I left the radio station to find a pastry shop that was open. The at 2:00 in the morning during a thunder blizzard.

You'll remember we were near Times Square then so any sort of shop would be open, and ready.

Loves that Snow Thunder!!