Thursday, December 30, 2010

"The Day After"

So here we are digging out from our surprise Christmas, Boxing Day Arctic Apocalypse. Btw if you look just above it snowed in my bedroom!! Swell. No problem though as you can see the City sent over one of their miniature plows to clean things up. Is this a great country or what?!

Actually other than the frostbite, falling down alot, nearly being run over by some sort of tracked vehicle, getting sick, a massive headache, nausea, and snowmen it was loads of fun!

I hope we gets loads of the same for the rest of the season. Imagine just mere months ago we were breaking all sorts of heat records in the region,..109f, 110f, even 115f for a few hours last July.

All symptoms of Global Heating.

It's real simple comrades. The oceans are heating up,..thanks to us, and assorted natural mechanisms. This screws up the worlds winds which causes harsher storms, tornadoes in Brooklyn, and London for example. Floods, droughts the works.

Did I mention Blizzards,..Thunder Blizzards!

Wow ya should have been there. The whole sky thundering, lighting up in neon yellow, and green, and the wind screaming with blinding snow. McMurdo Station Antarctica? Nope. 14th Street Manhattan.

I think someone should tell former Gov. Palin about this.

(Of course click on each image to enlarge.)

Happy New Year my dear Comrades!


Lino said...

Sidney, you might enjoy these graphs:

This one is particularly interesting:

Aside from a spike in what looks like 1995 (I would have thought 93-94 winter) things are actually below the long-term median.

I definitely recall the 1970's winter as being less snowy that the 60's. The winter of 72-73 we had almost none at all. The only really big storm I recall came in early 1978.

Best of the New Year to you..


Lino said...

Sidney, I am getting a machine ready to be given to friends and going through my bookmarks, this site came up.


This later groups of pics is from 1960 -a time I just barely remember.