Sunday, November 28, 2010

"The Management"

Here's a snapshot of gawd, or at least one of them, working in his office. What a sorry bastard. I feel so bad for him. There he is tinkering with us.

He's trying to help us make sense of the brief crappy lives he gave us.

I'm on the table there somewhere. So are you. I think I see Napoleon, and my sixth grade teacher as well. What a mess.

Aw heck he means well, and by the look of him he knows what a total disaster this particular creations is. Well better luck next time.

Click on the Divine image to enlarge,...maybe ya might see yourself on his table.

Stay tuned.


Zaek said...

It's a Douglas Adams moment. The Supreme Being's message to his creation, blazing in letters of fire one hundred feet tall:


graymogul said...

According to the History Channel, a lot of space aliens used to visit this planet, and they influenced our development. The theory that we owe much of our civilization -- technical, social, scientific, economic -- to space aliens should provoke everyone to ask some serious questions.
Why would space aliens invest their time, their labor and their wealth to tamper with our development? The natural resources of Earth are easily found on other planets which have no natives who might contest the mining of natural resources. Therefore, one logical possible explanation for space aliens to intervene in Earth's development is that they wanted us to act as a bulwark or roadblock to some monstrous horde of aggresive aliens who enslave or annihilate other intelligent life forms, and the aforesaid horde is crossing the lightyears and closing upon Earth.
Implicit in the foregoing is the theory that there is no God or Gods; no supreme being to extricate our chestnuts from the fire, and there is no sense in maintaining any religon.
How many lightyears still separate us from the conquering horde which is advancing upon us? How much time do we have left?

Zaek said...

OMG! Our nuts are in the fire!

I wonder which of the space aliens the History Channel interviewed to obtain this information? If David Icke is right, the nasties are already here and meddling in our affairs - which would explain a lot of things.

Lino said...

graymogul said...

"According to the History Channel, a lot of space aliens used to visit this planet,"

Glad I just stick to the news on tv and avoid crap like this..


Zaek said...

Actually as a source of information the news on TV has exactly the same ontological status as the History Channel. The medium is the same, a shower of photons on phosphorus, and therefore - to paraphrase Marshal McLuhan - the massage is the same too, inducing the same sort of semi-hypnotic trance.

I think Sidney's picture of the Almighty looks like a tired anchor man who's taken off his toupée after a hard day under hot lights, reading cooked-up news about WMDs and what good things ExXon is doing for the environment. What a relief his toy soldiers must be.