Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"A Full Week"

Let's see, a funeral, a wedding, root canal, a fitting, a new door, and the laundry. All in all a full several daze. Please go to my Queer pages, "Juno 2012", to read about my dear friend Fred that passed on Monday.

So a suit for a memorial, and another for a wedding.

I don't wear suits, haven't since university. Yeah I wore them back then. Anyway a loss, and a gain.

(My cool new suit!)

Well ain't life grand. I'm confused, wrecked, and having surreal, acid dreams of heaven, hell, and computer games. However my teeth are slowly being repaired.

That's a good thing.

Also I'm fixing the damage in my house. Problem with the doors or specifically the door knobs. Scroll down for how my house tried to kill me a few times.

...and my backed up laundry is done.

Sorry no witty or ironic ravings tonight. Just me, and the life I'm bless with.

Stay Tuned.

PS, Yeah there is a story about Nurse Pickles taking me by the hand to the Dentist,...again.

Them giant needles scare the crap out'a me.

The matter of them suits, and the cool Arab guys that fitted me, and set me up with all the stuff I need. Two years ago I was house-less. Now I'm having suits made. Is this a swell country or what. a way.

I'll get to all that, and more later for now I'm gonna crash.


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