Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Radio Daze"

Well the imploding economy has finally hit my place of employment. All hells broke loose. At one of our radio stations on the coast the whole staff has resigned in protest over the layoff of certain hosts, and their programs.

Here in the Emerald City our fund raiser crapped out bad,..I mean as in hundreds of thousands short

The manager is freaking out, the staff is pissed, and confused, and our program director is a marked man.

Did I mention our Head Suit from the coast is here to see what the hell went wrong. She's trying to keep this demented network in one piece, and a major market outlet going this far south ain't making her smile.

This is going to be fun. The network boss the local manager, and our program director are going to be in the same place at the same time on Monday. I should sell tickets.

Above is the much missed late "Grandpa" Al Lewis of "Munsters", and "Car 54" fame. He did a show at dear old Wbai for years. All sorts of famous, and infamous folks did work in these scary halls.

Btw we just had our big Broadway epic 50th anniversary bash the other day. All sort of stars, and big shots came by, and performed. We even raised a nice amount out of it. Not enough to fill a quarter million dollar hole, but nice.

All the old timers with the Foundation were supposed to go up on stage, and tell jolly stories about out station, WBAI, see links. Eh, we didn't. We were too pissed at what's going on in the network so we sat this one out.

A sinking economy, dried up funding sources, and traditional corporate mayhem. What fun. On the up side my 2000 years of seniority is still saving my butt.

Fingers crossed.

Why are these people smiling?

Stay Tuned.

(Our Fund Raising style may need a bit of tweaking.)

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Zaek said...

I once heard Al Lewis interviewed on the radio. He sounded like a real interesting guy.

I could picket those honchos on the Coast and put a little on heat 'em if you like - you know, clown suit, sandwich board, bullhorn, the works.