Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Happy Thanksgiving"


Uncle 2012 said...

I'm sure this was just a misunderstanding. Nothing to flip out about here.

Everything is okay,..move on, nothing to see here.

Uncle 2012 said...

I can remember when they only did this to Black people. However now in the post racial era we can all be fried.

Maybe Obama will have them both to the Rose Garden for a beer, and a chat.

Zaek said...

If they're going to require stripping, then I think people ought to make a theatrical production out of it. I think porn actors from all over the country and the world should converge on these goon squads and strip naked for them in front of everybody and spread their cheeks for the news cameras. All the naturists from coast to coast should do it too, undressing for the occasion as they arrive at the checkout point. When someone especially attractive strips down - kids included of course, since that is required by the authorities - the crowds should cheer and applaud to the accompaniment of flashbulbs madly popping. They should also applaud when some portly grandma bravely bares all. It's a reframing approach: take the scene from Abu Graib to a spontaneous TAZ and airport nudist colony.

'Course the authorities will try to stop it and arrest people, pretending this isn't what they asked for in the first place, but you know what I think about that? Fuck them. Turn it into an en-masse Allen Ginsberg-style nudity protest, that's what I say. Then it might even be fun. It'll be a new-and-improved update on the Boston Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

You do have to wonder at the motivation of these people.

How the fuck can they justify this to themselves, let alone their superiors ?
I assume that he is being prosecuted for this.

There is something wrong at the heart of Amerika, perhaps it's guilt at the way the country was founded and the native population exterminated.
But if the behaviour of the people of land of the free really reflect the unfettered actions of Homo Sapiens, it doesn't give much hope for the future of our species.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Zaek said...

By the way, the past ten days have been absolutely rotten for me. If stems from the sickness of a family member that just goes on and on. I can't take much more of this, but there's no sigh of it ending.

Why is the news always bad news? Why does nothing good ever happen?

I was exhausted to begin with. Now I feel drained to the marrow of my bones.

Uncle 2012 said...

Hang in there comrade. We're in this together. Many of us including myself have been care givers for loved ones. It's hell, but we all came through it.

So will you.

Zaek said...

Thanks Sidney.