Sunday, November 7, 2010

"It's WAR!!"

At last we will have a final showdown with "Americanus Stupidus", and their corporate enablers! Well actually we're so stupid in this country that we don't realize that we just cut our own throats in this last mid-term election.

Even Obama is finally freaked out.

Ah well business as usual till the end. Which isn't as far off for this Republic of dummies as some think. Every time this country gets a chance to get it right we blow it. Last time we shot everybody that could have led us out of the darkness.

This time, well gee I don't even know what to call it. People that have lost everything or are about to just voted to restore the crooks that sent their jobs, and futures to China. Did it glad too.

Truly a historic, and stunning act of civil stupidity.

I sit here in disbelief. Their retirement money is gone. Their kids will never go to university or remain in the middle class. We're 'already' slipping into second world status. Yet the morons are actually celebrating.

Books will be written, plays, maybe even movies like "JFK" which will show the corporate origins of this disaster. I remember during the Obama campaign I said that this is the 'last' time I'll give the system a chance. The last time I'll vote. This after that stolen election by the republicans in 2000.

Btw if Bush had lost, which he did, but if he hadn't been put in office by the Supreme Court. The Iraq War 'may' not have happened, and the economy 'may' not have imploded. At least we wouldn't be in the Second Great Depression.

So now what.

Me I'm just drawing Angels, and posting them on my Queer blog. That, and working on my little house, and learning to cook.

Life is good, especially if you're alive to notice.

Stay Tuned.

(...Civil War? Been there, done that.)


Anonymous said...

The capacity for the public to exhibit its stupidity has, as you rightly say, no bounds. Unfortunately we also have a Supreme Court sufficiently packed by the Rs so that they can act politically now without fear of dismissal. Partly the cause of this last horror. Corporations interpreted as people, what brilliance.

poetreader said...

Hard Times Coming

Hard times coming:
there will be gloating at a victory won,
prideful claims of righteousness will sound,
and shouting, shouting, shouting
in the triumph of a narrow, bitter word
pretending to be the Word of One who promised love,
proclaimed the coming of a kingdom,
the scattering of the proud,
the casting down of mighty ones,
and raising of the humble and the meek,
to whom the hungry, homeless, naked ones,
and strangers at the gate are friends,
the very ones in whom we meet him.
Yet there will be building up of the mighty,
the rich will gain and keep yet more,
and those who want and need and cry for help
will be despised and blamed for their own need.
Hard times coming,
voted in,
and falsely righteous anger has prevailed.
Hard times coming,
be prepared.

-----ed pacht

Anonymous said...

The film was made decades ago Sydney, it's called Rollerball.

So all my adult life I knew this was coming.

I'm off to the Outback to commune with the Aborigine.
It should be far enough away from the fallout and I've always been a raggedy man.

Zaek said...

The problem as I mentioned before is that too many Americans believe the corporate media. That's why they keep voting for their own enslavement. So brainwashed are they that when this nation's ruin is finally plain even to them, they'll continue to blame the awful consequences of their retrograde decisions on "liberals."

Your last line is most prescient, Ed: be prepared, indeed!