Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Thanks for Electing Me Ya Dumb Suckers"


Uncle 2012 said...

Fuck this fool to hell. I'd rather no hope that false hope.

Anonymous said...

Bad day, Uncle ?

You know you don't meam that.

The alternative is too hideous to imagine, Palin with her claws groping towards the reins of power.

Anonymous said...


What's the poor sap done wrong now, anyway ?

Uncle 2012 said...

Aww, yeah alot of bad days right through here. I beg everyone's pardon.

As for Mr. Happy my gawd what a jerk. To think I actually sent him fifty bucks,...and I was houseless at the time!

Ya has to see it from our side over here. An election had actually been stolen. We went to war with the wrong country. Nazi religious fanatics were running the government.

To make matter worse the proles re-election that moron for a second time.

Then Joy Boy shows up, and gives us Hope.

Something my generation hadn't had in nearly 40 years. You bet we went nuts for the guy. I wept when he got in.

Millions did.

Well turns out he just another glad handing sack'a shit like all the others.

What's he done lately. Has he ordered the Army to go into all them surplus storage bunkers to get food to feed this nation's hungry?


Nope, he's trying to make it legal for our intel guys to kill American citizens in foreign countries.


Btw Gitmo is 'still' open for business, and the Afghan war will never end.

Yeah I'm naive. Sue me.

Zaek said...

While it does make a difference who's President - McCain would surely have been worse - this country and its economy are circling the drain, and no politician can stop the inevitable.

Obama could slow the process considerably, and soften the blow for many people, but at this point the uber-rich have completed their capture of government, so no one in office will change anything for the better in any way, ever.

It's time to stop paying attention to politicians and tend our gardens, 'cause the veggies we grow there are not for decoration. Pretty soon they might be all we get to eat. And I don't necessarily mean that just metaphorically.

Uncle 2012 said...

I was planning to put in nice flower window boxes next spring. Perhaps I should grow tomatoes in them instead.

Maybe start a veggie garden in a soilbox on my fire escape like the used to do on the Lower Eastside nealry 100 years ago.

They still do this in the Bronx.

Humm, let's see. Carrots, cabbages, onions, and maybe bussels sprouts. I could turn one of my closets into a mushroom nursery.

There's websites already for urban apartment farming. I think we need to be thinking in these terms now.

Btw use sterilized soil.

City soil is crammed with lead, hydrocarbons, nuclear debris from the bomb tests 50 years ago, and other nasty toxins.

That crap 'will' get into your veggies!

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Anonymous said...

I'm the Urban Vegman baby.