Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Kid Strip Searched at Airport"

The new security measures at our airports are fucking over people with disabilities,..a guy had his urine bag busted open during his search. Now they're fucking up kiddies.

As you can see in the video a young boy was clearly stripped, and searched. Well com'on he is brown, and could'a had a hydrogen bomb up his butt.

I don't know what happened to his folks. This video is just a minute long so could be out of context,...but not by much.

The worst part is that everybody just stood there watched, and let these goons, these I'm only "following orders" shits do it.

They did it.

They got away clean. Nobody did shit to stop them. This is just the beginning comrades.

The snakes are coming home to roost.

Life in Obama/Palin America.


Anonymous said...

As I've been telling you Syd, the land of the afraid.

There was a program on TV about the "Amerikan dream" last night and you have lived like this apart from a couple of brief flowerings of freedom since the 1950's.
And when you analyse the 1960's, how long did that spark actually glimmer for.
We all had the peace dividend at the end of the cold war, then this new enemy was allowed to slink out of the night and traduce us all.

In the U.K. we had to cope with terrorists, mainly funded from Jew York City, for 40 years.
You get one, admittedly massive attack, and the world changes, there is a somewhat disproportionate response there.

You let your leaders keep you in a perpetual state of fear about the war that never ends.
It is so obviously Orwellian it would be laughable if it wasn't true.

Uncle 2012 said...

Umm, "Jew York" as a term is a serious no-no over here. Jew hate is for real in this town.

Aside from that Orwellian is it. Even if most prole out here never read it or much of anything else.

I'm a product of my times comrade. I grew up in an idealistic era. It looked like we might be the good guys after all.

It was sweet while it lasted. However we've gone back to normal. We're a fearful xenophobic gang of religious fanatics with hydrogen bombs, and massive debt.

A nasty mixture there.

Uncle 2012 said...

Eh, yeah, yes I'm having a strip of profoundly shitty daze just here. Ignore my crap I'll snap out of it after a while.

I think Tristan, that art guy I post sometimes on my Queer page, is flipping out too.

Leave him be for now. He, and I will be our old jolly selves soon enuff.

Thanks for being there comrade it matters to me.

Zaek said...

Maybe it's more than coincidence, 'cause I've been having a very crappy week too.

Hard to imagine there was once a time when thinking people could actually believe we might make this a better world. But I can remember it, just.

Zaek said...

As long as there's an official goon squad supervising the rape and public humiliation of kids, that makes it okay. The machine gun-toting soldiers complete the transformation of American airports into an Abu Graib-like environment.

Anonymous said...

No offence intended Syd, I've been perusing Encyclopædia Dramatica
and that is how they refer to NYC.

So as an ignorant Limey, I can only apologise for the bad taste remark.

Zaek is also right about the armed goons being empowered by the situation.

As you may be aware, our police have traditionally been unarmed.
Which has of course pissed them off because they can't act out their Harry Callahan fantasies.
But now in airports etc they've got Heckler & Koch machine pistols so they are walking around like a dog with two dicks.
But unless it is a pretty straight up emergency situation the military are not used to control civilians in the U.K.
It has always seemed strange to me that the Amerikan government is always so willing to use it's own military on the domestic population.

Uncle 2012 said...

Greetings kinkynik,

I understands about the J** York thing. Dramatica indeed!

Yeah the bosses around here have never had a problem about turning the Army loose on us. I think it's because our Civil War is so close to the surface in the American emotional nervous system.

So any static from the proles is put down like General Sherman did Atlanta.

I remember what the National Guard did to Newark back in 1966.

I was 15, and my dad'n I was was driving back from Philly, and ran into fucking tanks on their way into that town.

I remember Dad, who was a WW2 combat vet, told me to get down on the car floor. He then made a radical "U" turn, and broke speed limits getting the hell out of there.

Like I sez, our Civil War is close to the surface. If you lay the Confederate map over the states that voted for Palin, and the old dead guy it's the same thing.

We're a swell bunch ain't we.

Sorry your cops are somewhat armed now. Look forward to friendly fire "accidents", and lots of race killings.

Otherwise Happy Thanksgiving, if you guys have that, and a Merry Christmas.

Uncle 2012 said...

"...walking around like a dog with two dicks."


That's a t-shirt if ever there was one.

Uncle 2012 said...

Hi Zaek,

Sorry you're in the dark night too. Maybe it just the vibes in the whole country. We're fucked, and we know it.

...and have no idea what the hell to do about it.

My advice, which I may take myself, is to do something nice for both myself, and my pals. Maybe use my few pennies to go a show, and a dinner out. a nice book, maybe some more art supplies for my new Angel projects.

That or perhaps buy a bio-degradable Christmas tree, and decorate it with obscene, and politically incorrect cultural debris.

Hang in there comrade, we've seen bad before. We'll make it.

Uncle 2012 said...

"The machine gun-toting soldiers complete the transformation of American airports into an Abu Graib-like environment."

Airports you say. Comrade they've been in the subways here for years.

That, and R.R. stations. When we were kids the only place we saw soldiers patrolling civilian spaces was in WW2 movies.

Btw, yeah I know we could, and likely will get hit again,..and bad too. However I don't think G.I.'s with automatic arms will help.

A comrade asked on of our guys how they could effectively use them in crowded confined spaces like subway?!.

He got no answer,..they can't with out shooting 10 passengers to get one or two bad guys.

They know this of course. All the hardware is for show, let the proles know whose in charge.

Anyway Merry Christmas or happy Halloween or whatever it is.


graymogul said...

Jeez, you guys should find some system or scheme to make big money from the wave of Neo-Fascism sweeping the country.
F'r'instance, I've been making big money installing new horns on police cruisers all over the Northeast. The cops all want new horns like the Gestapo cars had in the old war movies. The horns go, "Hah, huh, hah, huh, hah, huh," etc.
Also, you can make big bucks selling second hand, high-quality police gear to small local police departments that cannot afford new equipment. There is tons of stuff on the second-hand police equipment market, all bearing markings, "USA," which of course stands for da Union of Sud Afrika. Local cops really enthuse over the USA logotype,too.

Zaek said...

Yeah, I haven't been in NYC since '83, so I'm not exactly abreast of what's been happening there lately. It could spread here too, like break dancing did, only much less attractively. I miss break dancing.

Great idea, Graymogul! If we can't stop the spread of Big Brother-ism, we might as well cash in on it and get some of our money back.

Anonymous said...

This has been explained already. The father took his shirt off. You are getting unhinged lately. Please stop the crap.

Uncle 2012 said...

Oh so the father stripped him for the goons. That's not what it looked like, but okay if you say so.

Yeah that changes everything so sorry to flip out like we did.

Zaek said...