Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Door Knob from Hell"

This is the little bastard that gave me the concussion when I slipped the other day. As you can see from the bottom snap it was a cheap piece of crap,..thank the G-ddess! If it had been a 'real' knob I wouldn't be here so gleefully reporting this noise.

The details are on my post, "My house is trying to Kill Me" or something like that. Scroll down for that.

Otherwise I'm, fine.

Well okay the dreaded American voter proved their amazing stupidity again. This by electing people that 'openly said' that they would be shills for the wealthiest one percent. 'And btw "we'll make sure you never get National Heath",..not ever!

These guys are living in their cars now, but just restored the gangsters that put them there. What am I thinking they also said they'd impeach Obama.


Ya don't suppose this all might be some sort of white fear thing about having that Brown guy in the White House?

Nawwww, it must be something else.


Zaek said...

Glad the doorknob didn't brain you. Good thing it's Made In China.

I think a big part of the problem with the Tea Party voters is that they believe the media. They switch on Rush Limbaugh or Bubba O'Reilly or some other of that army of professional liars, and believe every bit of mendacious malevolent gum-flapping that battens onto their ears. I sometimes wonder if the national IQ wouldn't jump up a few points if someone pulled the plug on all those lying bastards.

Oh, yeah - and racism. That's just a leetle bitty 12-ton elephant they're trying to keep hidden under the rug.

Anonymous said...

Why do they want to impeach Brown Jebus ?
What has the poor sap down wrong ?
The level of education for the average Joe has plumetted over here too but not as many people think that every word in a 1600 year old book of fairytales is true.
Or that it's O.K. to applaud youth suicide.
I guess our public broadcasting is better than yours and you are descended from the Puritans, Plymouth Brethren and other assorted nutters that were encouraged to fuck off.

Glad you are are recovering well from your residences attempted Sydneycide.