Friday, October 2, 2009

"Sweet Dreams"

I keep dreaming of my childhood home, and my parents,..mostly my Dad. Odd that since he so rarely makes any appearances in my Dream Time. The good news is that these aren't nightmares.

It's all just the usual surreal stew most dreams bring.

Oh did I mention? National Health is once more a very dead issue in this country. No Public Option in the Bill. This means that the far right, and the Insurance Industry have won,...again.

There will be no 'real change' for working people. The poor are fucked, the middle class will scrape by, and the well off are as always just fine.

Aw well. Maybe someone will try again in 50 years or so.


Zaek said...

No public option - at all? It's even more fucked than I thought! The insurance industry is our master and we are its slaves.

In fifty years not only will we not have health insurance, I wouldn't be surprised if by then they're talking about bringing back debtor's prison, or already done it.

Sion Liscannor said...

I have watched with a mixture of horror and disbelief the spiriting away of the Public Option from the recent political debate on health provision in the US. What happened behind the scenes?
I also watched with bemusement the absurd parodying of the British National Health service in the US media. The UK National health is certainly in a mess. It is largely in a mess because it is top heavy - with far too high a proportion of funds diverted to the inflated salaries of managers (in the name of efficiency of course). It is partly in a mess because it has extended its reach beyond 'emergency care' (at which it excels) to 'cosmetic care' (which is financially a bottomless pit). People in Britain complain about the National health Service, but nobody wants it to go - apart from a few vastly overpaid consultants perhaps, and the private healthcare salesmen.
I am not really interested in a political debate about socialism versus freedom. What I know is that I grew up in a land in which we could afford to treat the sick, educate our children, and care for the elderly. Since dear Margaret Thatcher and her chum Ronald Reagan got together in the 1980's we are all MUCH RICHER - but mysteriously we can no longer afford to treat the sick, educate our children, or care for the elderly.
I really thought Obama was going to deliver on this one.

Zaek said...

Obama's deal is just a scheme for extorting money from even the poorest for the benefit of plutocrats. We in the United States are well and truly and screwed.

Obama's election was the first time I'd voted since 1992. I'll never vote again. Unless perchance I have the luck to move to some civilized country, as I should have done long ago.

Uncle 2012 said...

It wasn't the Republicans that did this. This one stinks from the head.

The White House never had any intention of letting any sort of National Health get loose in this country.

If it had they'd have the health, and insurance industry funneling zillions to the Republicans in 2010, and 2012.

This way the dough goes to the Dems.

Have you noticed all the Industry spots on tv supporting Obama's plan?

How do you suppose this 180 degree turn happened?

They're onboard for the duration.

It was a political deal from start to finish.

I may 'never' vote again either. Obama convinced me to re-engage. I did, and here we are.

Fuck it.

Stan said...

I voted too but not for this! Also the wars continue on as if Bush/Chaney were still in power. Won't get fooled again! Wish I could leave this clusterfuck of a country too!