Monday, October 19, 2009

"Seasons Greetings"

(Purgatory, 35th level. Where Sinners who don't take advantage of early Holiday Sales go. Be Warned!)

Yeah it's Christmas in Sept/October. Many shops in midtown are fully dressed in their Holidaze crap, and trying to salvage a disastrous selling season. I'm taking advantage of this financial Armageddon!

My treasury is a fraction of what it was so I'm picking up stuff for the house at serious bargain prices. Granted these low-bidder items were made by political prisoners in China. 'But hey this is an emergency. I can't let my political correctness get in the way of a hot sale.

"Be warned ye Sinners!!"

(My dear pal Nurse Pickles, Commdr. Royal Canadian Navy ret., assists Hello Kitty in a little Xmas dance for you.)

(Another famous table dance.)

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