Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Feed da Fishies!"

Hi gang.

Here's a new toy for you.

Just click anywhere in the yellow area, and feed the happy little fishies! They'll follow your cursor around too.

Yep daze, and daze of cyber fun for the 21st century shut-in.

Think "Pong" with fins.

Btw, click on this photo above. I think we've all had a dream like this at least once.


Zaek said...

This surrealist photographer (or photo retoucher, as the case may be) does excellent work. Though I would rather see a boy floating about in that filmy dress.

Zaek said...

The fish seem to fit right in with that scene.

A propos of nothing, I happen to be caretaking a cat who likes to knead my tummy with his claws, often gouging my flesh. He seems to purr all the louder when I yelp in pain. I bet he'd eat the fish too if he could.

Bodmin said...

Just regressed behavior. Kittens kneed the Momcat's tummy like that to let her know they want tit. Older cats do it - usually to pillows or cushions - because it reminds them of when meals were always handy.
Of course, what the animal you are caring for wants from you could be worse. Back when I was in one of the Big Ten schools in the Midwest I knew a farm boy who described how just a couple years before, while still in high school, he had been delegated to care for the horses at a neighboring farm where the old farmer had had a heart attack. Every time he entered the stall of a certain mare she lifted her tail and presented her hindquarters...
The old bird had probably had his heart attack while trying to satisfy her...

Zaek said...

I'm very fond of cats. But I'm mindful that if they were much bigger they wouldn't be fed by but would feed upon me. Lucky thing I'm not a mouse.