Friday, October 9, 2009

"Every Dream has a Price"


Sion said...

O please don't remind me!

poetreader said...

Wonderful metaphor. Made me cringe.

Not only in dancing, but in every aspect of life, a dream costs.

There's the old sardonic "mal mot": "No good deed goes unpunished".


Zaek said...

I have read that Isadora Duncan did not like toe slippers. She preferred to dance barefoot, considering this the natural way. I suspect her dancing style is the kind I would have liked best, appealing to the romantic in me, had I an opportunity to see it (she permitted no films to be made of her performances).

I gather that toe slippers like ballet itself were brought to us through the sponsorship of Louis XIV, who also popularized topiary plants and recumbent birth. It seems the man couldn't stand anything that came by nature's way, except of course when it came to enforcing laws against "unnatural acts."

Sion said...

Dear Zaek,
I have also heard the story that Isadora Duncan danced barefoot. It would be nice to think that barefoot dancing would avoid injury as well as being 'romantic', but sustained barefoot dancing doesn't seem to be a practicable option for a professional dancer - well, for Western dancers at least. There is just too much regular strain, and you need good dancing shoes to support the foot. Unfortunately there is no way you can fit orthotic devices in ballet shoes - so ballet dancers suffer more than others. Indian classical dancers, in contrast, dance barefoot all the time and thrive on it - but it's a different style of dance.

Harlem's A Hatin said...

I love this post it is so true. I love how the pictures convey your message in a subtle way!

Uncle 2012 said...

Hi Harlem!

You're blog is really offensive! I loved it! Keep up the swell work. ^..^