Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Everyone Gets a Big Slice!"

Please, have more!

These are 'such' hard times. Despite that you've all been such good girls'n boys. So I just wanted to do something nice for you!. who wants to lick the bowl?

Future historians, if any, will watch the above in amazement. All the interconnecting webs of post industrial society were rapidly, and violently bursting apart.

A dark age of genocides, mass starvations, wars, rising seas, and spreading deserts were upon us. Yet we spent our time looking into assorted sex scandals, ethnic fear mongering, and cream puffs.

The cream puffs were of course understandable, but the other mayhem,...good grief. I remember seeing them Klan guys on a trip down South when I was little.

Humm, maybe we should offer a prize,(, for the next of kin), to the first nazi that wears a kluxer outfit on South 8th Street at 2:00am on saturday night in East St. Louis.

Now that's a video I'd watch!

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