Friday, October 2, 2009

"...just hang'n out"

I always wondered how our cultural g-ds, our super heros would handle real world problems. What would they do about gangs, criminal politicians or the Taliban.

I remember a comic book from back in the 1950's somewhere. The title was something like,..."Murderer stalks City!"

Right, today it's more like "Thousands of Deranged Heavily Armed Maniacs Blast City". What the heck would Superman have done in NYC in 1993. That year 3000+ people were shot, stabbed, hacked, burned or clubbed to death.

This doesn't count the wounded, raped, robbed, and emotionally traumatized.

Yeah it's slightly better now. Chicago is the murder capital today. Still what the hell would a super hero do with a culture in terminal melt down.

Perhaps like Doctor Manhattan from the "Watchmen" series he'd just leave. Go to another world, and live in peace.

Sorry I got no big moral here. I was thinking about this is all. So you're a super hero at home watching the news. Watching this awful mayhem.

Like that kid that was beaten to death for no reason in a Chicago school yard. Many watched, but no one saved him,...they did video the killing on their phones though.

His cruel death just part of the spectacle.

At this point If I thought it would do any good I'd pray.


Lino said...

Uncle, It wasn't -quite- as bad as that:

Quoting: New York City is expected to end this year [1995] with 48 percent fewer killings than its record high of 2,245 in 1990.


Uncle 2012 said...

Well I lost count.

Once you've hacked through the first thousand or so stiffs ya can get confused.