Friday, October 9, 2009

"Childs Play"

A pal in the biz just asked me if I'd like to write for a children's show. Of course I said yes having no idea what I'm getting into.

Well okay 'some' idea. Back about 5000 years ago I produced, and hosted a children's radio program.

That's how I got the nick name "Uncle" from my comrades. Anyway now in my cranky late middle years I haven't a clue as to what today's little bleeps are up.

So I'll write what 'I' like.

Last time around I talked about the stuff 'real' kids had to deal with. Life, death, guns, drugs, sex, school yard politics, and laffs.

I had no illusions about childhood innocence. No such animal. Hey I'm an ex-kid I know the drill. Remember the dirtiest stories even invented were made up by 12 year olds.

Anyway as is the current custom on the air they want little three or four minute bits. Fine. That suits me. Just enough time for a juicy blog-like rant.

Stay tuned.


Lino said...

Uncle, you should write---and narrate too.

It's just too bad that we are past the "golden era" of children's media (late 40 -early 70s) I was a child actor in the mid-sixties, your combination of wit and child's eye view would have been perfect for that era...before things became so self-consciously "hip".

You, RPM, and a few other shows are the reason I subscribe to that nuthouse (I'd volunteer my tech skills but I had enough of destructive egos in theater).

Uncle 2012 said...

Hi Lino!

Yeah I'll cook something up. I have a few ideas. They wants the first script by thursday next.

Plenty of time.

If I can't can't get studio time I'll perform it live. ...just like the old daze!