Thursday, October 8, 2009

"2012, The Living End"

"2012",...or how a movie made me wet my pants. I'm a stone cold from way back horror, and disaster film fan. However from what I've seen of this flick,..good frigg'n grief!! It scared the bleep out'a me.

(Btw, click on the poster to see California breaking off into the Pacific.)

This is the first time in my life that I've been 'horrified' by a horror film. "2012" was a serious handful even for an old horror vet like me. Mind you I only saw 'part' of a work print,..don't ask.

That was enuff!!!!

Don't go to this film expecting the usual bullshit. "2012" is a serious piece of work that pulls no punches. If you wants to be informed, terrified, disturbed, and entertained all at the same time then this your date flick.

Btw yeah they show you 'everything' as in EVERYTHING!

Mind you there's always the chance that they'll totally fuck it up. The final work 'could' be a piece of shit. Hey we're talking Hollywood here. However if we're lucky this'll be a landmark in the genre as opposed to just another clunker taking advantage of all the 2012 hooha.

Stay Tuned.

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