Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Street Brawl"

(Me, on right, with the Perp.)

Okay so I got into this hassle with some uniformed nut, and the 'real' cops was called. Imagine. Calling the cops on sweet'n gentle me. Anyway I was gonna slug this guy 'cause he was trying take me down.

I'm leaving out the dreary details other than we was two shabby old guys in a pointless head lock.

The cops came, and told us to "behave", and be nice old guys. We should be "ashamed" at doing shit like this at our age. Mind you the heat, a salt'n pepper team, was 12 years old at most. You know you're up there when not only the cops, but 'everybody' looks like a young kid to you.

Anyway this is the first public offense I've committed in maybe 40+ years. It made me wonder what the hell is going on. Maybe like I sez in the below post folks including me is losing it.

(Corporate Cops arrest John Lennon look-a-like.)

There's too many uniforms around for my taste these daze. One loses count of the private armies, and cops in the thrilling age we're wading through.

Too bad I don't drink, and have taken the "pledge" as far as hard drugs goes. So all I have left is prayer, and you. Well okay a few other things too, but you gets the picture.

What really happened?

Aw heck, it was just a tumble between me, and a security guard. We have corporate police, and corporate armies since 9/11. This particular aged bully boy took himself too seriously. ...he got on my nerves.

Stay tuned.

(Rant illustrated by "Sydneytoon Studios".)


Zaek said...

That sucks dogshit. Sorry you had that experience. How despicable are rent-a-cops that take themselves so verrry seriously. And I hate the idea of being overrun by private armies aided and abetted by the polizei.

Ten days ago I was in a small town in the western coastal mountains. Having settled in for a picnic in a local park, I found myself sharing the place with a skinhead redneck who didn't seem to appreciate the art work on my T-shirt. I came within an ace of being assaulted. I really don't like thugs and goons, ya know? Fucking Nazi shits.

Sion said...

Your tale brought to mind the story of John Gielgud when he was mincing one time along an Avenue in New York and dropped his walking cane.
A surly cop screamed at him: 'Hey, Fairy, yer dropped ya wand!'
Whereupon Gielgud retrieved his cane, approached the cop, and tapped him on the shoulder with it.
'Vanish!' he said.

Uncle 2012 said...

I should'a slugged him.

Anonymous said...

yes those young cops can be cute and very fit. in there tight pants flak jacket and utility belt they are so fuckable I would so love to do me some cop!

Orwell2009 said...

...are you nutz?

Anonymous said...

O come ON ! you telling me you would not fuck a young cop if you could the word here being YOUNG COP you would not make him suck you off has you put his gun to his head .then pull down his pants bend him over his cop car and fuck his brains out

Uncle 2012 said...

As a matter of fact 'no' I would not like to fuck a cop up the ass while I hold a gun to his head.

I know that sounds crazy, but there it is.