Sunday, October 18, 2009


So I went'n bought some more dolls. Me, and my pal Nurse Pickles was wandering around down by Brooklyn College window shopping. We went into Targets where I priced odd'n ends that I needed for my new house.

Btw "B.C." is where Allen Ginsberg was boss of the English Department. Cool that. Anyway I was broke last week so held off draining my debit card. However last night I went back, and picked up the stuff.

Socks, underwear, a new quilt, lamps, assorted junk, and I priced some curtains. I got a new camera too. It's much better than the last one, but uploads dark.


I have to figure that noise out. It looks swell on the screen, but fucked up, and blurred on the blog,...arrrrrrrrrrrgggg!!!!

They look better when you click on'em.

Beside that gaff I'm domesticated now. House broken at last.

So I bought some dolls.

These are Juku's. Some sort of Nipponese anime things. Hey believe it or not I'm not an eleven year old girl so I have no idea what all that's about. Other than they're cute.

My hobbies keep me sane in the same way that vast amounts of speed, and cocaine used to cure my critical ennui. Dolls are cheaper, and won't kill me. I'm planning to get the whole set plus all their junk.

However what I really want is a cat.

I asked the business office of the gangsters that owns this building, and they turned me down,...again. "If we let you have a pet then your neighbors will get lions, and tigers, and bears." ...oh my!

The nice lady really said "tigers", and "bears, but added snakes instead of lions. Fans of the Emerald City will have heard of folks out here having just such pets.

There was a guy in the Bronx with grown tigers, and giant python in his digs,...swell.

He cried when the cops finally removed them, "...I love them", he pleaded. Good grief, such is life in the big city.

'Think I'll just collect dolls, and build scale models, and leave it at that. If I really want dangerous company I'll go to a ball game.

Seriously cute, but I only want one. Tell'ya what. As not to break up the set I'll take both, but I'll keep one in the freezer. When one wears out I'll defrost the other.

I don't see a problem here.

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george said...

Really cute kitties; you'd like to have them both. They'd talk to you when u get home from work. No bitching or moaning!