Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Disappointment We can Believe In"

I know the job is thankless, and tough, and Fox News is rallying people to shoot him. However fer christ'sakes Mr. Prez give us 'a little' something!



Bodmin said...

Whatcha complaining about? He just did! Now you can be openly gay and wear your frock as you kill Afghan women and children! What a victory for the LGBTTTQASH community!

Uncle 2012 said...

Bleep them mutant straight homophiles.

Comes da reboluushun them PTA robots gets stuck in front of a wall too.

Great! Just frigg'n great I thought when they was fighting to get us drafted into the army.

When I first heard about this I thought it was a joke!

If there was any question as to where these guys stood on the important shit that was it.

They wanted assimilation so bad they was willing to condemn generations of Queers to the maw of warfare via conscription.

Christ'sakes how do you think I'm still alive?!

They chucked my butt out 'cause I was too Queer to shoot peasants in 'Nam.

Of all the shit he could have done he picks this?!

Oh mama. Damn, I wish I could drink. I'd get good'n drunk tonight.

Congratulations, now you can kill, and die in pointless wars ya dummies.

...don't get me wrong.

When 9/11 happened four blocks from me I tried to sign up.

I went with a bunch'a guys to get deputized by the National Guard to dig folks out.

They took some, but said I was too old,..being 50 at the time.

Just as well. The way things went I could'a ended up in Iraq.