Friday, October 2, 2009

"Shit Storm"

I'm really trying to be up, jolly, and witty for you all, but I'm in a mood like everyone else. Foul bleep is going down all over the country.

Just about everybody I know is hurting. Com'on we're at war, there's a depression, Obama is betraying the great trust we gave him.

All the films suck, and are sequels of earlier even stupider movies. Even worse there's 'still' nothing worth watching on tv. Btw, stay the hell away from powdered potatoes, and all that other micro-waved food. me on this one.

So you see my problem.

I'd run some porn videos to distract you from all this shit, but Blogfart is seriously into deleting, and censoring.

However I'll take a chance and lay on some Chris Rock.


Anonymous said...

At least regarding our lifetime Sid, we've been in a serious downward spiral since 1975. What area of human endeavour is improving? I can't think of one. If you are not disgusted and depressed then there is something wrong with you! Why would anyone want to celebrate over prospects that are totally unappealing on every front?

Zaek said...

BTW, what do powdered potatoes do to you? I know someone who's eaten them due to poverty, and just knew there was a reason not to. Same with powdered milk.

Some people would say computers have improved dramatically since 1975. But my feeling about that is So What? Computers are toys that most people don't really need. If I could exchange them for a good sex life I would do it in an instant.