Thursday, May 6, 2010

"U.S. Unemployment 20%+"

It's a numbers game gang. As many of you know if you're jobless after period of time,less than a year they don't count you anymore.

This keeps the numbers down so the same rascals can get their rancid butts re-elected.

"In March, employers took 1,628 "MASS LAYOFF ACTIONS" involving 150,864 workers."

The above from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's just one month comrades. multiply that 150,864 by four. That's a worker, a wife, and two kids. Then add in the local businesses that no longer get money from purchases of that family,...and so on, and on.

In other news the lying bastards say that the "Official Unemployment Rate" is a mere 9.7%. The other eleven, and change percent aren't counted. They're off the table. They're "dead" as far as the money wonks are concerned.

Then reactionary media tells yankee doodle dandy that undocumented peoples, and assorted lowlifes, and perverts are taking their jobs.

A majority of the American people are being bamboozled to hell'n back with this scam. They buy it, and then vote against their own vital interests.

They especially vote against their interests if they're told that Brown, and Black folks will get screwed in this process.

'Fucker works like a charm.

Just look at Arizona. Nothing's changed. Those racists loons have gone 'so far' that even Bush's brother Jeb has come out against that dragnet against the Mexicans.

Fear, and resentment as political tools still works. Works real swell in fact.

The American proles have lost everything. The American Dream should be packed up, and put in the Smithsonian. I'm sure they can find a nice spot. Perhaps next to the Enola Gay.

There she is the "ENOLA GAY" sitting pretty in our national museum of faded glory. Heck I'm sure they can find room for the remains the American Dream there. A tight fit maybe, but it'll work out okay.

Right between the atomic bomber, and the first Coke machine.

Getting back to the final daze of our Empire. American industry which is to say our jobs have been sent to places where you get shot for union organizing.

There's no National Health here, and the sad rubes applaud this. Even fight tooth, and nail to make sure it never happens. All this while living in their cars 'cause they've lost their homes.

My heavens. We sitting here with a 'REAL' unemployment rate edging up to Great Depression levels, and we're all busy fucking the wall socket, and calling it Green Energy.

I often wish there was a place for Americans to flee to. A place for American refugees. Refugees from gross stupidity, greed, and just plain dumb as a bag of hammers bought'n sold government.

Aw crap I wish I could drink. I guess I'll have to settle for box of cream puffs instead. Loves them creamy delights!


Bodmin said...

"The strong do as they will, the weak suffer as they must." Thucydides, the eastern Mediterranean, c. 400 BC (and everywhere, forever).

Uncle 2012 said...

Damned Greeks,..always right.

Zaek said...

I was enjoying Tinkerbelle's brief vacation from reality.

Uncle 2012 said...

Me too.

However we're in a bleep storm of historic proportions. I'm afraid neither cream puffs nor dear Tink can help.

Mores the pity.

I 'am' trying to find hopeful stuff to post ya know.

It's just that these days that's like looking for ice cubes in the Gobi desert.

Stay tuned maybe something cool will turn up.

poetreader said...

Things are indeed a mess, no doubt of that. However, I'd be careful about the comparison with the Great Depression. Then with 25% of available workers unemployed, the multiplied effects were much larger than today. Very few families then had husband and wife both working. Most do today. Today the average of children per family is around 2. Then it was around 4.

We're in a very painful mess, but we haven't begun to approach the early 30s yet - and I'm glad of that - what we now have is bad enough.

However, there is one way this might be even worse than that was. in the 30s what happened was a serious and painful glitch in a still-expanding economy. The expected and ultimately realized expectation was that expansion would pick up again. It did, dramatically. I'm afraid what we have to deal with now is a permanent decline, at least for the Western economies. This is going to require some painful adjustment. At present the super-rich are insulated from that pain, at the expense of everyone else. That needs to change if some truly ugly version of feudalism is not to reemerge.


Anonymous said...

Great post!
And some great comments too!

Zaek said...

That's exactly right, Ed: a permanent decline for western economies. Things will never return to what they were.

Uncle 2012 said...

History has "Wild Cards".

What if the world economies right themselves. What if the dear old U.S.A. finally becomes a Just Social Democracy.

Most of us want this.

Let's resurrect that tattered word HOPE.

Sion said...

Dear Sidney,

Re: "I 'am' trying to find hopeful stuff to post ya know. It's just that these days that's like looking for ice cubes in the Gobi desert."

I don't want to be discouraging, but if you are going to look for ice cubes in a desert, the Gobi would be your best chance. Mean annual temperature is about 26F (-2.5C) and it often goes down to -52F (-47C). In other words, it's a cold place - with ice cubes everywhere where there once was water. One of the few places where a man can spit and hear the clink of his frozen spittle when it hits the ground. I've been there: I didn't like it.

So there's Glory for you! (as the Christians would say).

However, I get your point: these are hard times.

Uncle 2012 said...

Hi Sion,

Well what can I say. I come from a country where millions can't read maps or know what century they're in.

Yeah that last one is terrifyingly true. Random people on the street were asked what century this was.

This will break ya heart.

Some didn't know what the word meant, and others gave assorted numbers or months.

Yes "months".

"What century is this?"


Never mind.

Getting back to the frozen sandbox. I used to be good at geography. When I was 11 I may well have known that the Gobi was a frosty beach w/o an ocean.

The all too interesting events of the next 49 or 50 years seems to have faded my memories of the dear old Gobi Desert.

You were there?!!

Another fun fact of us Yanqui' Devils is that unlike our armed forces we never travel overseas.

The only other countries I've ever been to on the planet is Canada, and Mississippi.

They were both sort'a nice, and the folks there spoke something like English.

Stay Tuned.

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