Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Murder he Wrote"

I had breakfast with a dear gal pal the morning after I wrote the "Facts of Life" piece. (...see post below.) She said '...well I'm a murderer too", and told me the details.

I repent using the "M" word.

It was the emotion of it all that mayhem which blinded me to the harm that loaded epithet could cause.

Indeed my own Mommy had three abortions. Back then it was so wrapped in shame that she only told us the story on her death bed. A deeply emotional, and morally complex subject indeed.

I really don't know how to properly express my feelings about the life or death of these babies. I guess all one can do is support your family member or friend while they're dealing with this trauma.

Also if it's appropriate to the particular circumstance. That is if there's no danger to the mother, and the child is developing in a healthy way. One should, I would, plead for the life of the kid.

'Heavens sakes I always wanted a baby so give it to me.

(I'm sure the State Adoption Agency would look kindly on one of my gal pals giving her kid to a 59 year old Queer, anarchist, pornographer., right?)


John said...

Hey, better with you I think.
To give your love to someone is a wonderful thing.
I`m thinking you would have made a great Dad !

Uncle 2012 said...

Thank you.