Friday, May 14, 2010


Ain't really slept since I wandered out into the rain a few nights ago. Oh yeah a moments nap here'n there, but no real sleep. Well I did fall off in the News Room for three hours after midnight. I feel kind'a refreshed now.

That's why I like my job. No one disturbed me. I'm their elder Radio Uncle, and they let me rest. Sort of like when 'your' Uncle used to come over for Sunday dinner, and dozed off in the living room comfy chair. That, and ya Mommy would say not to make any noise while Unkkie was passed out.

Wow, well I've aged into that Respected Position. The youngsters let me sleep.

I just got an email from our national office out on the coast. Seems they want to promote me into something. I don't know. I don't trust them loons out there.

They want a new logo, and think getting me to do it will cost less. Swell, thanks guys. I'll let ya know what happens.

Btw I did delete that post about me, and my sister. No she didn't ask me to. I just had second thoughts about slapping that kind of stuff up here. I think all that noise about trolls invading Facebook, and mining it for personal data made me cautious.

Mind you they wouldn't get much from me, but still.

It's a chilly, rainy morning here in the Emerald City. Perfect day for a bit of shopping, and a movie. 'Last time I tried this someone tried to blow up Times Square. Maybe things will be quiet this time.

Speaking of food.

One of my listeners suggested I use a bamboo steamer instead of that slow cooker thing I'm so in love with. Humm, maybe. He said while the slow cooker kept all the flavor, the bamboo cooker keeps all the vitamins. Something to consider at my advanced age.

(I do a radio program. See WBAI archives in the links. Go to "Carrier Wave" Monday May 10th,..Thrills, and Spills.)

On the other hand I'm tempted to go off the healthy food wagon, and go back to Chinese, and Paki fast food,..ummmm! Yummie!! It's the small unhealthy things that make life worth it.

On the other, other hand I also thought about scoring some dangerous drugs. Yeah my doc said it'd kill me, but I thought about it anyway. Ahhh, the old daze! Don't worry I won't do it. Besides my connection died long ago, and his connections are either retired or doing life somewhere.

Kind'a puts a crimp on the party, but oh the memories.

Anyway it was a thought. I guess it's just the ennui of our slow motion Planetary Apocalypse that has me in this frame of desire.

Aw well, it's just another day here in the Future.


poetreader said...

That clip is a horror story. I have nightmares like that. If the world is slated to be anything like that, I'm glad I'll be leaving first.


Anonymous said...

Horror story horror story,
not a borer dory.
Disney does it all the time
so he doesn't get my dime.
Future fantastic
not so bombastic
getting out of this place
at a quick pace.

John said...

Hey cool stuff if only if..
Them old Nazi`s comeup with
some weird stuff!

Zaek said...

I'm very familiar with the broadcast product of those loons on the coast, so I can understand your distrust of them. A friend of mine used to do a regular show there, and he's not too impressed either.

Don't worry Ed, the real future won't be anything like that. Those Disney writers were just shills for the oil and auto industries. The true future can be inferred from the disaster currently oozing across the Gulf.

poetreader said...

Yeah, Zaek.
Half of nature buried under ugly gadgetry (which of course will never work quite right), and the rest of it buried under filth and poisons, while most of humanity gets the pollution without the gadgets.
No, I don't credit Disney with predictive powers, but I do recognize them as thoroughly immersed in the consumerist trends, and see their joyous wet dream for the horror it is.