Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yeah that's right I'm taking glam' shots of my dollies again. Wanna make somethin' of it?!

When I was out last Saturday ducking bomb blasts in midtown I happened into the Hallmark shop in the J.C.Penny Mall. Gawd I'm so domesticated these daze. I was shopping for curtains, and tupperware. I found some swell bargains too.

Anyway like I sez I was in Hallmark, and Tinkerbell forced me to buy her. Hey I could never say no to a lady. Especially one with wings.

Speaking of tupperware. Like so many of the downsized I can't afford those $20. curry chicken or veggie dinners to go like I used to. So I cook at home, and take it to work in a handy tupperware thingy like everyone has been telling me to do for years.

Yeah it is cheaper. I sat down, and figured that my on the job meals now only cost about $4.00 bucks per, not counting the juice. The juice btw I get wholesale at the Farmers Market on east 17th street.

This market for you NYC history fans is not far from the former Andy Warhol so-called factory, and the Quaker Peace Press where I worked after college. Did I mention the market is literally on the same spot as a former 1960's/70's drug free fire zone.

East 17th street when I was at the Quaker Press was a swell place to score any sort of drug you wanted. You could also get shot. Bullet in the head no extra charge.

Still, ain't Tink cute. That's her on top of my fridge.

(...note Tupperware in backround.)

I took these this afternoon in my happy digs as the sun was going down. I used one of Wendy Froud's Faerie books as a backround.

(Click on all images to enlarge.)

Stay Tuned.

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