Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"I Have this Problem with Vampires"

For some years now popular culture has been promoting the notion that's it cool to be a Vampire. Ya know young forever, party, party, party, and murdering people. No mention of handing over your immortal soul to to the Prince of Hades.

That, and doing back strokes in the Lake of Fire for eternity.

I understand that youngsters these days have taken to cutting themselves, and sucking each others blood. There are rumors of few cases of HIV have come of these hyjinks. To say nothing of them scary cases of dismemberment at Vampire parties that got a tad out of control.

Mind you I'm not against people drinking blood, and devouring flesh. I likes a medium rare steak as much as the next carnivore. It's just that the fads of this not so new century gives me the willies.

TV shows, comic books, computer games, and all manner of cyber hell praising, and promoting this happy blood stained mayhem. Makes one nostalgic for the days when everybody wanted to be an Angel.

Remember that? About 20 years ago Angels were all the rage. Heck I was into it too. I even had the whole VHS set of "Touched by an Angel".

Ah well, wonder what's coming next.

Enter "Dexter".

A fun loving, heart of gold SERIAL KILLER. I gotta admit though I like Dexter. He only butchers people that deserve it. Who of us hasn't dreamed of doing that!?

I remember being horrified when I saw the first huge bus, and train posters for "Dexter". That's it I thought. The Culture of Death" has won. I felt worse than when I saw the ads for "Lost Boys".

Remember that one, "Live Forever, Party, Drink Blood", swell.

However there I was watching Dexter torture, and grind up human beings, and was enjoying it. The damned thing is in it's fifth season too! If I was still a good Catholic boy I'd say that the Devil can assume forms that please.

Well maybe he does all I know is this shit stinks.

No not censorship,..never that.

I'm just watching where the culture is going is all. It ain't healthy. It's seductive, fun, and wonderfully sinful. What's not to like.

I dunno. It just seem so old testament wrong if ya gets my drift. I keep expecting to hear thunder, and the roar of a flood.

(Some of Dexter's Kills,...caution okay.)


Zaek said...

I don't watch much TV, and I have a feeling I won't be making an exception for that show.

We could blame Anne Rice I suppose. But I kinda doubt she's really responsible for the "cutter" phenom, which I find disturbing; it's like a male counterpart to bulimia.

On a pleasanter aspect of pop culture, I've been watching a lot of MJ vids lately. Damn, he was good.

kinkynik said...

"Touched by an Angel".

Step up from your parish priest I suppose.

I saw my Mum yesterday, she's 75 and not been well but she has not let go of her belief that all the god crap is guff.

So man up Sydney, you're getting old, you're gonna die and there is no fluffy little cloud for you to perch your arse on.


Uncle 2012 said...

Yeah probably not.

It never made sense. It's own logic was always kind'a wuzzy.

So we're up there in the clouds hanging out with the gawds.

Okay that covers the first billions years. What do we do after that?

Also what of our grandparents the Australopithecus. Them'n assorted, and various other extinct relatives.

They hanging out with us too?

Heaven never scanned well.

Still ya never know.

I died twice, a few years apart, during overdoes back in the day.

I saw stuff.

What of that, and all wild stuff other tell of?

I guess we'll all know for sure when the time comes.

My good will if not prayers to you, and your Mom.

Uncle 2012 said...

Hey Zaek,

That "Cutter" stuff disturbs me. Yeah a male form of self mutilation.

Many years ago I had a dear gal pal that used to burn her tits with lighted cigarettes.

It was horrible,..she wouldn't stop. Her folks eventually put her in a facility. A frigg'n nut house.

Are we the only species that deliberately disfigures itself?

Crown of Creation indeed.

If we are Angels we're Neurotic ones.

Zaek said...

Well as Alan Watts would say, that's part of the price of having resonant consciousness - viz., being aware that we're aware, and all that connotes. I suppose it makes us more prone to going loopy than other animals.

Don't know about any fluffy clouds, but maybe I'll wind up posthumously hanging out with those DMT elves the Amazonians call ancestors, who I mentioned elsewhere. Time may not mean much in their dimension.

John said...

Holy crap I`m thaking God I`m out of the loop on tv stuff, gee`s !
The long and the short of it I think is like you said ya never know ?
I mean ya can talk it to death but ya never know.

kinkynik said...

The drug DMT naturally occurs in the body and that on death, this drug is released into the brain, making it euphoric.

This also accounts for the visions.

Zaek said...

Yes, it's released by the pineal gland, which is located at the center of the brain. Since it's a Schedule One forbidden substance, this means we're all subject to arrest.

Zaek said...

BTW, chemicals like DMT don't produce visions. They trigger that potentiality within the brain. How the brain does it, no one really knows. Personally I don't really trust science that pretends to explain everything while merely explaining it away. Scientists are a priesthood who think they've got all the answers, much like certain other priesthoods.