Thursday, May 20, 2010

"I Shouldn't Read the Papers"

First I read the piece about the cops in Detroit that invaded a home. This after throwing in a flash bomb. Then they shot a seven year old girl. Aiyana Stanley-Jones. The kid was burned by the bomb then shot.

Are you crazy of course she was Black.

No I won't show her picture. Let her rest in peace.

I hear now that a video shows that the cops shot up the house first. Aiyana was laying on a couch, and got burned when the grenade came through the window.

She may have been shot by the bullets that came flying through the wall or when the cops came in shooting.

They terrorized, and roughed up the family. The folks committed no crime. The person the cops was stalking wasn't there,..never was. Just another day in a poor American neighborhood.

Anyway like a dummy I keeps reading, and finds that the demented far right, opposed to the profoundly insane extreme left is about to take over the country. 'Least that's how the November elections are shape'n up.

The Republican party is now completely overrun by the lunatic fringe of it's right flank.

This reminds me of what a State Department officer told Roosevelt just before the war about the Nazi's.

"If these guys were here they'd be in nut houses, but over there they're the government."

Ah the Good Old Days.

I have complete faith in the gross stupidity of the American voter. I expect them to hand both Houses of the Government of the United States to the lunatic dominated Republican Party.

I expect them to hand the White House to them in 2012.

Btw I expect the generally clueless though well meaning Liberal Democratic voters to stay home playing computer games, and acting like retards on twitter.

Wait it gets worse.

"Lost" is going off the air, and "Torchwood" may never come back!

I'm thinking of joining a New Jersey UFO cult. Their t-shirts are far out! There's this retired Air Force guy that's got a hunk off a for real flying saucer in his garage. Once a month a bunch of folks go over to his place to worship it.

What the heck this'll give me something to do as Jesusland is officially established.

Stay Tuned.


kinkynik said...

Lost is no great loss, but Torchwood is.

Hopefully you don't mean palin 'cos if that mad bitch gets in, it's time for us all to leave.

You old warriors of the left must stir yourselves one more time and expose the fundamentalist nut jobs for the danger they are.

Uncle 2012 said...

Aw crap not again!

How many time do we have to say these guys is the frigg'n spawns of Hades before it sinks in.

Alright, okay I'll make some calls.

Uncle 2012 said...

Btw, the UFO cult is for real, and I may at least do a story on them.

Wow if I plays my cards right they may let me see the holy relic from that Saucer.

Hey ya can't make this bleep up.

Anonymous said...

Had Obummer lived up to even a few of his campaign pledges I doubt we would have ever been in this fix.

He is actually increasing the number of American military bases around the world. He will NEVER leave Iraq. He has built up Afghanistan kissing the ass of McCrystal and he has started a new war in Pakistan. He is threatening to invade Iran as well to keep the Israelis happy.

He should have never appointed Rahm Israel Emanuel, Geithner, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Hillary Clinton and Ken Salazar, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact he should fire them all immediately... today.

Anyone he has on board who had connections to hedge funds and Goldman Sachs, Citibank and AIG should be dismissed immediately. This includes his Kagan appointment to the Supreme Court who had ties to G.S.

If Obummer does this right now, he may restore some confidence in the people who voted for him. Otherwise, the nut cases will take over the roost and it will all but seal our fate, not that we aren't already fucked. Bush proposed, but Obummer disposed. In spades!

Zaek said...

The demented far right taking over the country is so old, we've been down that road so many times before. Wouldn't it be more entertaining to let the profoundly insane far left have a go at screwing things up for a change?

Let us know how it goes with the UFO cult.

Anonymous said...

No Zaek, this is as demented as it's ever been.

Just consider this. Even Reagan who really ushered in the new age of dementia had the good sense to put William Black in charge of the Resolution Trust to clean up the Savings and Loan debacle. Black sent 1000 bank executives to prison, including Keating who was in McCain's back pocket and who ended up threatening Black's life. Under Black, all the crooked banks were reorganized.

Black is still around! Why doesn't Obummer put him in charge of cleaning up the current mess. He may well the the most experienced person in America to do so.

Additionally, why isn't Elizabeth Warren given more power to sort this mess out?

Why wasn't Brooksley Born given a post by Obummer to weigh in on all this and clean the stables of all the filth? She warned of all this when she worked in the Clinton administration in the mid-1990s. Her testimony before Congress when she predicted EXACTLY what would happen was drown out by Clinton's henchmen, most of whom are running the show under Obummer!

It's not that we don't have the talent to do the job. It's that our leader, Obummer, has fucked us over. He was our last good hope and he has turned out to be the biggest snake in the grass yet.

He trots out a respected figure like Paul Volcker to stand next to him on stage and then completely ignores everything he says.

It's pathetic. America deserves someone like Palin. In fact, I personally hope there is someone even worse that Palin out there who really teach the fucking stupid asses in this country the lesson they so richly deserve. It's been a long time coming.

Zaek said...

That idea assumes that stupidity has a limit, which may be too optimistic. I suspect the fucking stupid asses in this country are so incredibly dumb and deluded that even if Palin or someone yet worse teaches them that lesson, they STILL won't get it - they'll blame it all on "liberals" no matter what, even while Bernanke sells their children's kidneys to pay the national debt and Adolf Fucking Hitler is shoving everyone else into gas ovens. They might even think that is the solution to their problems.

Anonymous said...

You know Zaek, I think you're right!