Friday, May 21, 2010

"Cheer Up Dammit!"

Gimme a break I'm trying!

Hi gang. Other than watching old tv programs, see below, I'm more or less numb. Sorry I know I said I'd post some happy stuff, but what can I say.

If any of you find some let me know.

Btw did you catch the piece about some Tea Party nut out west that said "If you can't get Obama get the bitch!" It's assumed he meant the First Lady, and or First Kids. The Secret Service is investigating.

Good luck. There's thousands of death threats every week. More likely every day.

This country is going into hell's shitter on greased skids.

It seems every redneck in this country is having wet dreams about taking Obama down with their deer rifle. Every time I turn on a tv I'm afraid I'm going to run into some network android telling me about a another lone gunman.

This has nothing to do with his policies which mostly he can't get enacted. It about him being that Nigger in the White House. Sorry the word has to be used. Anyway scroll down, and see what that Black kid back in Little Rock got just for going to a white school.

This shit on Obama is the same thing writ large. "That damned darkie had the nerve to sit in the white mans Place!" "Well he'll pay for that."

I wish this was a straw-man I was poking at. It ain't. It actually 'is' that primal, that racist.

We knew there'd be a backlash, and here it is. It's worse than I expected. Like I said somewhere. If the President Obama manages to stay alive. I mean just that, only that.

Forget the politics.

If he can get out of town in one piece in 2012 then I'd call his administration a success.

Such is the true state of the Union.

Okay, okay I'll really try to find something positive to post next time,..honest.


Jack R. said...

Obama is in the same category as the asses that preceded him. Not only does he extend their wicked policies and make those misbegotten policies even more draconian, he then shields the likes of Cheney and Bush! He has betrayed us.

Click on my name to read the article that outlines just some of his hypocrisy. Or go here:

Dr. Demento said...

Those damn poor kids are a plain nuisance. Just drug the buggers and turn 'em into passive zombies.

kinkynik said...

Hypocrisy, stupidity, ineptness or indolence don't justify the race based threats.

There is a core at the the heart of Amerika that is truly rotten, stupid and backwards.

Purple Man said...

This is from an article today with the headline: "Obama's Afghan Torture Center and the American Psychological Association".

I don't think this young boy tortured there really cares whether Obama is black, white, or pink. If you did this to some kid under 16 they would lock you up and throw the key away... or worse. But if you are the U. S. Government in a foreign country you get paid for it. Where do I sign up? Pray tell?

Read this:

The Washington Post provided additional details through interviews with two youths imprisoned in the black jail. As one young man, Rashid, who is “younger than 16” described:

At the beginning of his detention, he was forced to strip naked and undergo a medical checkup in front of about a half-dozen American soldiers. He said that his Muslim upbringing made such a display humiliating and that the soldiers made it worse.

"They touched me all over my body. They took pictures, and they were laughing and laughing," he said. "They were doing everything."

He said he lived in a small concrete cell that was slightly longer than the length of his body. Food was tossed in a plastic bag through a slot in the metal door. Both teenagers said that when they tried to sleep, on the floor, their captors shouted at them and hammered on their cells.

When summoned for daily interrogations, Rashid said, he was made to wear a hood, handcuffs and ear coverings and was marched into the meeting room. He said he was punched by his interrogators while being prodded to admit ties to the Taliban; he denied such ties. During some sessions, he said, his interrogator forced him to look at pornographic movies and magazines while also showing him a photograph of his mother.

"I was just crying and crying. I was too young," Rashid said. "I didn't know what a prison looks like or what a prison is."

Read the whole article here:

Anonymous said...

If Obama lets his brother live a beggar's life in Kenya, and lets his aunt live the life of a fugitive for years as an illegal immigrant in a Boston slum, would you please tell me why the fuck anyone should give a fuck about Obummer? Why? Why? Why? He's nothing more than a black version of Bush and Cheney. They're all cut from the same criminal fabric. Their colour is irrelevant! They are scum.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! And he's got an uncle he mentions in his best-selling memoir "Dreams from My Father".

Sidney baby, be grateful you're not related to Obummer!!!

Read this:

"A second relative believed to be the long-lost “Uncle Omar” described in the book was beaten by armed robbers with a “sawed-off rifle” while working in a corner shop in the Dorchester area of the city. He was later evicted from his one-bedroom flat for failing to pay $2,324.20 (£1,488) arrears, according to the Boston Housing Court."

Zaek said...

One good beer is usually enough to cheer me up, at least for a while.

Just because Obama's administration is what has been aptly described as imperialism in blackface doesn't mean it wouldn't be a bad thing if he got shot. Were that to happen the fabric of American political life could be torn asunder and unravel into some kind of ethnically Balkanized nightmare where Jim Crow meets Pol Pot. Let's not go there.

Anonymous said...

Why do Americans always have shooting on their mind? Of course it is a bad thing for anyone to be shot! I wish all and sundry would learn that INCLUDING Obama who recently signed an order which makes it legal for his White House to order extrajudicial killings of American citizens anywhere in the world, without oversight or review on orders from the Executive Branch ALONE. Pol Pot redux!

I find that Obama is treating the country in the exact same way that he has treated his brother who lives on $1 a month, his aunt who was a illegal immigrant up until this past week and lives in a Boston slum, and his uncle who got mugged in the slums of Dorchester and evicted from his slum flat.

Zaek, I think the fabric of American political life has already been torn asunder and will only continue to get worse.

If it only goes as far as Jim Crow meeting Pol Pot you can consider yourself blessed!

Anonymous said...

I can't sleep! You guys have me in a tizz and I just read this from the Financial Times. The chart that goes along with this is here:

Here's what we can expect from one of the most trusted financial journals in the world today:

Simon Schama tonight warns in the Financial Times that revolutionary rage is close to the boiling point in Europe and the US:

"Historians will tell you there is often a time-lag between the onset of economic disaster and the accumulation of social fury. In act one, the shock of a crisis initially triggers fearful disorientation; the rush for political saviours; instinctive responses of self-protection, but not the organised mobilisation of outrage…

Act two is trickier. Objectively, economic conditions might be improving, but perceptions are everything and a breathing space gives room for a dangerously alienated public to take stock of the brutal interruption of their rising expectations. What happened to the march of income, the acquisition of property, the truism that the next generation will live better than the last? The full impact of the overthrow of these assumptions sinks in and engenders a sense of grievance that “Someone Else” must have engineered the common misfortune….At the very least, the survival of a crisis demands ensuring that the fiscal pain is equitably distributed. In the France of 1789, the erstwhile nobility became regular citizens, ended their exemption from the land tax, made a show of abolishing their own privileges, turned in jewellery for the public treasury; while the clergy’s immense estates were auctioned for La Nation. It is too much to expect a bonfire of the bling but in 2010 a pragmatic steward of the nation’s economy needs to beware relying unduly on regressive indirect taxes, especially if levied to impress a bond market with which regular folk feel little connection. At the very least, any emergency budget needs to take stock of this raw sense of popular victimisation and deliver a convincing story about the sharing of burdens. To do otherwise is to guarantee that a bad situation gets very ugly, very fast."

Anonymous said...

Hey don't say I didn't warn you. Here is Obama's latest move to crush the poor, REGARDLESS OF THEIR RACE.

He wants to privatize public housing. There you go, he is going to treat the Americans exactly the same way he has treated his brother, his aunt and his uncle. Wow!

Read all about here:

I warned you Sidney! Be grateful that Obama isn't a relative of yours. But now that won't matter since he is extending the same contemptuous attitude toward all the poor of the entire nation. Now that's what I call equality! Ha Fucking Ha Ha.

Zaek said...

Revolutionary rage that finally comes to a boil is something to be cheerful about. In fact I think it's about time! We've been waiting too damn long.

I had a stepparent who's a lot like Obama. Robbing orphans is not a problem when you know you're virtuous.

Uncle 2012 said...

Like I say. If he can just make it to 2012, and go home I'm happy.

As for the country,'s fucked.

It's been gang raped in an alley, and left for dead.