Monday, May 10, 2010

"The Gift of Mortality"

I was on the air last night when I was told of Lena Horne's death. This changed the direction of the program. Btw you can listen to the show by going to the "WBAI Program Archives" link on the right.

Go to the archive, and click on the May 10th 1:am program "Carrier Wave".

I played a cut for Ms. Horne by James Horner from the soundtrack of the film "Bicentennial Man". It's titled "The Gift of Mortality".

Just that, just those few words brought tears. It also focused all the emotion of the losses that my family, and friends have endured these last eight months or so. My brother, and several close friends all gone so suddenly.

...and now Lena Horne.

Now I understand it a little better. It is a gift. Our lives however long is the Greatest Gift, and it's ending is perhaps the Holiest part. We live, we learn, we give, we pass.

The Gift of Mortality is a comfort, a release, an ending, and a Great Beginning.

(Here's Lena Horne in here first Major Studio film Stormy Weather, 1943.)

So long Lena.


Sion said...

Thanks Sidney - That's beautiful! I didn't know Lena Horne was so pretty when she was young.

What about posting her amazing 1965 performance of 'Moon River'? The mime is great even without the sound!

See here:

Uncle 2012 said...

Thanks Sion for being there. Yeah '65 was great!

I'll put it up here in a bit.