Saturday, May 15, 2010


The above snaps are random page stuffers. I was out today'n tonight, and took some tourist pictures. I was too hot, and generally emotionally too nuts to do anything arty.

It was a long, long day filled with laundry, shopping, bill paying, and all sorts of blessedly normal routines.

I'm exhausted.

Hope everybody out there is okay, and getting on with it. As for me I'm turning in early.



Anonymous said...

To me Sidney, these workaday pictures are what you do best. everyone of them is a revelation, andf youir love of your home city shines through in each of them.

I wish publishing wasn't so damned expensive, and some good art publisher would take a collection of your photos and drawings andf put them together in a book.

Keep it up, friend. Imalways enjoy visiting here.

Mr. Chips

kinkynik said...

Love the pictures, Sydney.

Hope you have recuperated.

Will Decker said...

Feel better soon Sidney.

Uncle 2012 said...

Thanks comrades.

I'm just tired alot. A little confused by events is all.

I'm good to go though,..always am.

I'll be back as I can.