Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Homeless Should Pay Rent"


Although the D.H.S. is back tracking now that it's gone public. Department of Homeless Services Commissioner Seth Diamond still thinks it would make good financial sense to take money from the poorest of the poor.

The Homeless sez the D.H.S. must hand over the few bucks that they make from odd jobs or begging on the street. This for the privilege of living in the hell holes that are set aside for them. The City want to charge rent against the people surviving in the Homeless Shelters.

Dickens would have recognized this.

Get this. They want to charge those who've managed to hold on to their full times jobs $900. bucks for their stay in the city's Lice Palaces.

That would have been me last year.

Seems this law has been on the books since 1980's during the Koch administration. That was early in the history of the American Homeless Culture. Well it's 30 years later, and Underclass is a solid, and I fear now permanent part of the land of the free.

The government's reconsidering now, but this will only last as long as the media shines a light on these heartless administrators. They'll make another play to strip the poor of their tiny savings as soon as things cool off.

This has happened before. From time to time the System makes a play at the very poor. Like sharks.


Mr. Mayor, and Commissioner Diamond you guys better 'hope' there's no gawd upstairs. Especially not that Old Testament judge'n punishing maniac.

I recall a broadcast commentator, yeah on WBAI, years ago saying to a city official,

"...why don't you just kill them." (..the poor)

"It would be much more charitable than the slow torture you're currently inflicting."


Zaek said...

It's too disgusting for words.

Uncle 2012 said...

We're in a Moral Dark Age.

kinkynik said...

Did you find your grail ?

Alice said...

That's horrible. Someone should just tell the politicians to shut the fuck up and be nice.