Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Hot Stuff"

So the place was swarming with cops. My place of business, that commie radio station that won't fire me. They prefer keeping me around to torture.

As for the "heat" no it wasn't the long feared fascist take over my comrades wet their shorts over. It was a Bomb Scare.

Just some nutter calling from a 57th street pay phone, imagine a working pay phone! Anyway the cops was poking about the Peoples Radio Station looking for the blockbuster that this loon said was here.

Actually the cops was nice, and very helpful. Despite their bad habit of shooting unarmed black guys they was in a good mood today so nobody got aired out. Also no bomb was found.

That's the really good part of the story.

We all figured it was just some copy-cat butt hole with a grudge against the station. As opposed to everybody else that has a serious problems with Wbai.

My useless union for example.

Anyhow nobody got blown up this time so I guess it's a happy ending.

As for the bomb in Times Square it was a semi-dud. A home built fire cracker that if it went off correctly would have shredded the car it was in, and sprayed the street with red hot shrapnel. 'Would'a been a nice fire ball too.

Lucky for us it was apparently the work of wannabe Osama's with no real training. This is the second time we lucked out because the intended mass murderers was just local grease balls that got their training from youtube.

The other guy was that "peoples hero" that tried to blow up a jet, and the Chicago airport last Christmas with a condom bomb. All he managed to do was fry his balls,..and other naughty bits.


Stay Tuned.

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