Sunday, December 9, 2007

"Real Scary G-tube Video"

Nice. Real swell. So this "lawd" guy will only love you if you believe in him. Peachy. I came across another video on g-dtube, this one designed to scare kids. A teen sends a pal an e-mail from his holding cell while he's waiting to burn for all eternity. The poor kid is terrified, and pleading. Good grief. Suffer the little children indeed.

Btw, this youngster's crime,..rape, genocide, polluting the water table, something like that? Naw, this 15 year old kid is going to burn for all eternity because he wasn't a christian. That's it. Nothing else.

What gets me is that maybe 100+ million loonies in this country believe in this sorry shit. They live in terror of this deranged heartless gawd. '...and vote accordingly.

Ah man I was in a good mood before all this talk of g-d came up.

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