Friday, December 7, 2007

"I want Bunny Slippers for X-Mas",...oh pleeeeeeese!


Bodmin said...

Have you tried on E-Bay? I just looked and there are 191 entries for "bunny slippers" - most children's sizes, but there are adult (mostly women's) sizes too. Without a credit card arranging payment may be a problem, but dealers in America will take cheques. Of course, without a checking account either, like I said, arranging payment may be a problem...

sidneylann995 said...

I used to have zillions of cards of all kinds. Now I have one. That's more than enuff.

I've only bought things online a few times. I'm just not used to it, and still don't entirely trust it.

'But yeah I guess ebay is about the only place other than faraway suburban shopping malls that would have my precious Bunny Slippers.

Oh my, when I gets them I'll wear them everywhere. At home, on da subway, at werk, and most of all wandering around town.

Humm, maybe at the beach too when summer comes. I'll take that proposal to the "Sydneyland Board of Directors", and see if it fly's.

Btw, I like being here better than my pervert page "Inkplum".

Sure nasty stuff is fun, but I like being with my pals here better. I know most don't like it. In fact I just deleted a flame from one of my Inkplum readers that thought this page was boring.

Well if ya want to see naked people I guess it is.

Still, I'm mostly going to post here for now.