Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"Christmas Dawn"

(Please click on the images too see details)
(Our world famous New York steam venting from the street.)


Marguerite said...

"Dawn" I like that word. Once I saw a movie and it was the given name of the young heroine. She was exactly the contrary of a happy and beautiful girl. Poor her !

Sydney, I'm now in vacation until next year, because it is Christmas and New Year time.
And yet I must come and visit you. Hpy is somebody special, in fact she wrote there were not much French Persons on the picture you commented : Hpy is Finnish, Peter is Swedish, DD is the husband of HPy and Lyliane are French
On HPY's blog, she speaks French, Finnish, Swedish, German, English... It's funny and it's not a problem if I don't understand all what her visitors writte !
She was not laughing at all of you

See you next year, Sydney

sidneylann995 said...

Hello Marguerite,

Thank you for visiting "New Sydneyland!" I'm glad you like my pictures of New York. I'll be taking more for you, and all to enjoy.

I hope you have a happy Christmas, and New Years.

I've been looking at all of the photos you ,and HPY have. Very beautiful. I wish I could visit Europe,...Britain too. Hello David!

Okay HPY was not laughing at me I was just being sensitive. Anyway tell her hello for me.