Thursday, December 20, 2007

"1938 Fifth Avenue OMNIBUS"

If there's one thing that I love more than dolls, airplanes, and trains its old bus's. The above is a model 735 Yellow Coach Company Omnibus. They used to ply their way through the traffic, and crowds of 1930's, 40's, and early 1950's fifth avenue here in Manhattan.

I don't remember them, but my Mommy used to tell me stories about 'em. Tales of how as teenagers she, and my aunts would go on dates with my future uncles on the upper deck of these NYC double decker bus's. Apparently it didn't take much to distract kids back then.

It was the upper deck of the omnibus, the Staten Island Ferry, and hipster swing shows at the Harlem Apollo, and the midtown Paramount. 'Wish I had a time machine so I could tag along just once.

I can see it now. My Mom would say "Who da Hell is you bub?!" She was a radical Young Communist, and a Hipster in them carefree daze. I'd tell her that I was her 57 year old son from the early 21st century, and would it be okay if I hung out with her, and my future aunts'n uncles for a few hours.

Ha! My uncle George would say "...climb on jackson'n let's make the scene!" Off we go eating hot dogs drink'n cherry cokes'n me telling them about our robot rovers drive'n around mars, and all them genetic frankenstien experiments in our labs.

I won't tell them any family history,..."against the rules". "I understand it'd spoil the surprize" my Mom would say.

Anyway all that came to mind as I toured this gem of a relic. I was very happy to see it. It's part of my family lore, and finally I actually sat in an Omnibus. Sadly I couldn't go up to the top deck.

The floor is too weak.

There's no dough in the transit museum budget for that renovation for a few more years. So sometime in 2010 I might be able to ride up where my very young Mom, and uncles, and aunts rode in 1939.

My family's spirits have waited decades to greet me up there I guess a few more years won't hurt.

Stay Tuned.

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deajohnize said...

Sydney, A great looking old bus.

Yesterday I was in a big Toy/Model shop in the West End near Oxford Street. They had models of old coaches, old buses, models of fighter aroplanes, soldiers and loads of trains and train sets.
Had you been there you might have thought that you had died and gone to Heaven!
I think it was called 'The Model Zone.'

d. chedwick bryant said...

I like looking at buses, but I am not a good rider of buses. I see buses being used as summer housing up in the mountains--

this bus is the coolest though--I like the colors.

deajohnize said...

Sydney, Iv'e put up my home diorama. I know that you'll be the first to appreciate it.
I thought that I would throw in a couple of queer faries just for you and your fans.

Marguerite said...

Coucou, Sydney !
I like this post and all the pictures you took
I have another blog "Cergipontin" where I'm Cergie, in the past I used to put "big machineries"... and cats.
From time to time it still happens, not so often though, because I only post three posts per week.
I like the shades soft and sweet and the colors of this double decked bus. I can imagine plenty stories as you tell
It is so romantic....

sidneylann995 said...

Thank you all for posting about this wonderful bus! I was wandering around midtown I happened on it. A "Miracle on 34th Street!"

I had only seen 5th ave. "double decker's" in pictures, and old movies before this.

As for the color. The summer green, and cream two tone scheme was the livery of NYC bus's from the 1930's through the early 60's.

I think it changed in 1962 or '63.

As I say in my article I look forward to riding on the top deck in 2010 or so. The spirits of my Mommy, and Aunties will be riding with me.

Anonymous said...

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