Sunday, December 9, 2007

"And Another Thing!"

I've been doing swell blogs for years now. I know they're neat 'cause they keep getting deleted by pissed off hosts. The only reason my famous pervert site "Inkplum" hasn't bitten da dust again yet is that a pal of mine owns the damned server.

What I'm say'n here is I do swell work, but never get no creds, nuthin', zip! My stuff was pretty, sexy, witty, and never crapped in the punch bowl. Eh,...except for that once, but I was real sick that night.

So how come I've never got any of them blogger awards that everybody else seems to be getting. Personally I think the fix is in. Friends give friends awards, and I ain't got either. Friends nor awards.

So I've decided to cook up my own gotdammned award thank you for frigg'n nuthin' cruel blogsphere. Humm, I'll have to gets back to you on exactly what this swell thing will be, but don't worry it'll be seriously swell.

Stay Tuned.


Anonymous said...

This is to inform you that you have been selected as the first prize winner.

Kit said...

i say forget em. just do what you do and let those of us who care about you give you cred. you still love what you do right? sometimes that's all that matters. hugs.

sidneylann995 said...

Thanks Comrads!

Both for the hugs, and the first prize!!

At last! HUG's, and First frigg'n Prize too!

It's just my life long poor self-image thing.

Although my readers gave me sweet comments on my cute looks when I posted pics of myself last summer on a now deleted blog.

Anyway thanks for your kindness.

Merry Christmas Bonus!

Perfumed said...


I was inspired by your toy blog to make a blog where I just post all of my toys ha ha--but seriously, I liked the idea--It's a bit of a mess, but I will organise it better during the long days of the holidays. I was just over there which is why I am posting as perfumed.