Friday, December 7, 2007

"Christ do I need a Drink!"

Okay so I took the bait. I got into the Holiday Spirit for about an hour or so, and went to midtown. See blurry snaps above. Well there was thousands of people from Nebraska, and France. A few from Brooklyn too, but they was on da job.

Yep lots of happy white people with money. That always puts me in a good mood. Especially after the cops have just shot another unarmed Black guy to death. Don't worry I'm not going there. Like what's his name said,"...why can't we just get along?"

Yeah good question.

Aw well. Look besides all that happy mayhem christmas always makes me think of really expensive electric trains sets. Ya know like the kind they used to have in the toy store window's. Them swell boy fantasy toys we used to gawk at. I remember my Dad taking me down to Sears to see the big christmas electric train layout they'd always put up.

Swell stuff that. Tons of cool geegaws, nicknacks, and stuff that smoked, and barked. I can half understand adult train spotting from all that. Well one christmas I woke up, and there beneath our tree was a cool Lionel electric train set chugging away!

Now that was a magic sight for yours truly here. Okay I'm leaving out most of the gleeful details, but again ya gets where I'm going. It is in fact possible to be happy at x-mas. Thanks Dad!

Yeah it's me that other son. The Queer one? Right. Anyway I'm 57 years old now, and living in the frigg'n 21st century,...don't ask. I don't have a flying car,..I said don't ask.

Anyway I just wanted to thank you for them electric trains you got me back 200 years ago. I still have'em, and I still loves ya,...Mom too. Btw is aunt Kaye still pissed I spilled that paint on her new coat,... and how's my dog?

Brownie, her name was Brownie. We had a cat too. Named Tippy. She was alot like that evil feline Dennis, but that's another story. Getting back to my x-mas spirit thing. So yeah I went to midtown saw the Tree, and all the blinking trinkets of the season.

I'm still not sure if I'm happy or not. I'll have to get back to you on that. I'm certainly cold, and slightly disoriented. All the bright lights ya know. Kinda like be'n strapped down with strobes flickering into each eye.

Well above is some of my evidence that the holidaze are in progress. As for what they mean. Well you tell me. Just what would that nice first century Jewish guy Yashuwa make of this gawdy deranged shit that's all in his honor.

(This guy is clearly nutz, gawd bless'em! He made a model of the Subway system, and is humming away like a subway loonie while he plays with it. This comrad get frist prize in the X-Mas madness Lotto!)

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