Saturday, September 1, 2007

"Snaps on the Run"

Okay no great art here. These are just pix's I snapped while I was running around this evening getting some things done. Ya know, like picking up my meds so I don't start drooling, and climb the Chrysler Building in my speedo's while singing the Astro Boy theme song. That'n buying assorted other stuff I need so that I don't dehydrate or die.

I passed a bakery, and almost went in, and bought 50 lbs. of cream puffs. You'd be proud of your sugar sensitive Sovereign. I passed the shop right by. Sure I wept loudly, and pulled at my hair, but otherwise I think I took it all rather well.

This diet thing I must say is a Royal pain in da butt.

Still I look on the bright side. I won't have sugar convultions, and my old pants will fit again. What more can ya ask for,...other than maybe ice cream.

Lots of Ice Cream.

(As always please click on the pix's to enlarge'em)

I stopped at this fountain on the way home to be cooled by the swell spray. In summer the City should set up public sprinklers for folks to walk through. This would cool off bodies, and tempers!

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