Sunday, September 2, 2007

"An Uncle Sid Sighting!"


Ai said...

Quick, get the cameras ready... he's shy so don't let the opportunity pass...

Big lil videos. But where are Barbie Marleen, and Mitsuko the Japanese geisha? I imagined yur workplace would be covered with dolls ^^

I read there's a German week ahead in N.Y. Steuben parade and such. Those suspenders should come in handy LOL

BTW I dig your music, my bf has tons of records with similar stuff.


Anonymous said...

Very very disappointed that "Carrier Wave" was not on the air last night. What is a poor girl to do? Lady Susan

sidneylann995 said...

Greetings my loyal comrad subjects!

Yes there are more 'Big Little Video's" to come. What the hell might as well use the option blogspot has so foolishly provided.

Yeak I'll do some doll action videos in a little while. I like the idea of 10 second videos. though I guess one could make them as long as ya wanted though.

Anyway hope all is well in our realm. A new season is upon us with new oportunities for mayhem, and fun!

sidneylann995 said...

I'm sorry I wasn't on the other nigh Lady Susan. Though I was on early sunday morning. No advanded promo's so I guess you,..and the rst of mu listeners didn't know.

I'll be back on during my regular time next week. Just as well I wasn't well sunday night,..awful headache.

Anyway thankyou for your friendship, and kindness. Also special greetings to Princess Maya!