Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Out, and About"

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I was wandering around mid-town late this afternoon. Sometimes I like to be in the crowds. I like to listen to the music of all their voices. It's interesting. One doesn't hear "American" much around the city. I was on the bus, and overheard conversations in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and some European language I'd never heard before. Maybe something eastern.

However "American" English,...rare. Oh sure there's plenty of New York American don't get me wrong. I'm just saying one does not hear the language that's spoken west of the Hudson in these parts much.

It's so rare that it's a shock to hear it. Just today some folks from somewhere in the midwest pasted me by, and I heard American for the first time in I don't know when. I guess I miss it.

See, New York as you've heard is not really in the U.S.A. Yeah we can vote, and we pay tax's to Washington, but there it ends. I guess we're more part the cosmopolitan world than the rest of the States. Maybe that's why the country hates us so much.


It's a nice though still too warm evening here in the Emerald City. We had a few chilly nights, but summer is still very much in business here. I've heard that fall/early winter has set in over in Europe.

Who knows when or if that will happen here. Last year was another year w/out winter for us here. We'll see what happens this time. I'm not hopeful for a snowy Christmas. I hear the ice at the North Pole has melted. Bad news for Father Christmas, or Santa or whatever. That jolly Noel guy and Black Peter are fucked.

They'll have to move their operations to Mexico, and the Pacific Rim. I can see it now. "Santa Co." running sweat shop, slave factories in Maylaisa, Central America, and East L.A. to stay in business.

Such a world we live in.

Btw, them damned meds my witch doctor is making take is making me fatter, and spotty. See sad pix's of your kindly Sovereign above. Now that I look at them I seem sad. I don't feel too weepy. Although yeah I was kind'a sad this morning. But,..well. Must be force of habit. Drepressed people still look fucked up even when they're okay.

Stay Tuned.

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