Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Minister of Beauty"

This is an stylized image of A.I. Our Royal Republic's Minister of Beauty, and Ambassador to the European Union. He's been under the weather lately so I ask my dear comrad subjects to please send him your good, and healing thoughts.

Those of you that respect the various Deities might wish to perform whatever healing rituals you think best for our dear Minister. He has an early seasonal flu, and we all know what a mess that can be. So lets form a circle, and do that healing thing for our pal.


Ai said...


Sidney, you're priceless. The healing ritual was wholly successful, thanks for all the good wishes!

If you too are on the street to health everything would be perfect. Promise me to be strict with your diet, and to be an obedient and patient patient!

Germ-free and squeaky clean hugs from

Anonymous said...

ai, lots of chicken soup, juices and hot tea with honey! Sorry to hear you are under the weather, and will say a healing prayer for you. Now get better! Lady Susan

Ai said...

Thank you too, lovely Lady. Your good wishes helped, usually my flu's last a full week and not 2 days ^^

Hope all is well with you, and your daughter, and Princess Maya.

Glompitos from