Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"My Debris Field"

I'm gonna have to get around to shovel'n out my bedroom soon. What with the rest of the house being more or less renovated. Our wrecked hovel is slowly begining to return to it 1950's splendor. This thanks to assorted relatives, and especially my young cousin/nephew's contracting company.

Yep it always pays to have family in da business. Mind you I had intended to do all the work myself,..ha! Unfortunately I'm now too old, and generally pissed off to bother. Heavy labor is for the young. I've earned the right to sit around read comic books, and watch old black, and white movies.

If I remember I'll take more pix's of my crowded junk rooms while they last. This since I'm going over to "Staples" to get box's, and storage containers for my 38 ton's of wonderful stuff.

I believe Nurse Pickles had a similar problem with Rt. Rev. Martin's "rectory" a few years ago. Well I look on the bright side. More cleared space means more room for new junk!

Stay Tuned.

(Click on above pix for closer look.)


Ai said...

Adorable bric-à-brac! Still it's good to have a thorough clean-up. Which doesn't mean you must throw away dear souvenirs, only to keep them at one single spot.

We have such a "home base of memories" in a corner of the attic ^^

sidneylann995 said...

"Throw away?!!!!!!!!!!" I haven't thrown anything away since the Johnson administration.

Naw I'm keeping my junk. I'll just need me a bunch'a box's, and such for my current crop of stuff.

One day I'll open the museum of "Uncle Sidney's Stuff".