Friday, September 21, 2007

"G-d Lives on the 6th Floor"

(Here are three of my stories hope you enjoy them.)


G-d's on the subway, She's com'n home from work. It's crowded she couldn't get a seat again. She has a headache, and her feet are kill'n her. G-d makes another mental note about urban congestion, and stress.

She's been notice'n this problem since "Ur", or was it Babylon? Anyway it was that time she was a snake charmer. Ah,..the carnivals, the music, the theatre. These are just about the best things humanity has come up with. It's among the reasons she loves them so much.

It's their "saving grace",...literally.

The train pulls into G-d's station. She has to struggle her way out of the crowded car. No one will get out of her way. Manners, and polite consideration still haven't caught on. At least not consistently. Still, they are learning, her children are. They are trying. G-d joins the wave of tired people coming home from work or school or mischief, and they ascend together out of the grimy station.

On her way to her flat G-d does some lite shopping at her favorite deli. She picks up a pint of vanilla ice cream,..with almonds! Some oranges, a box of mint tea. You know, the brand with all the nice pictures on 'em. Some bread sticks, and dried figs. All the major food groups.

G-d browsed Her way to the counter, and pays for Her goods in Aztec jade, Roman silver, and Confederate bank notes. The Jamaican family that owns, and runs the deli is used to their 'special' customer paying in odd currencies. The woman behind the register gives G-d her change in Barbados dollars, American dimes, and Australian pennies.

The two are friends, the clerk, and G-d. So they stand awhile exchange'n gossip, and other pleasantries which are cut short by the needs of the other customers. G-d adds a lotto ticket, and some chapstick to her purchase. With that the two bid each other goodbye till next time.

Outside the deli G-d sees a homeless man begging for change. G-d knows him, his name is Thomas. G-d remembered when he was conceived. She was there when he was born, and She's been with him ever since. Though Thomas doesn't remember it 'once upon a time' his name was Azzeel, and he is an Angel.

One day he'll remember that, but for now G-d smiled at him, and put a silver shekel once earned by a certain Judean carpenter into his cup. Doing this, and smiling still She went on her way.

G-d blinked, and there was Light. G-d sang, and there was Life. G-d smiled, and there was Love.

The "Lord of Hosts" got to her building. She lived on the top floor of a six story walk up. G-d liked living up there it was convenient to the roof. In summer, and spring if it wasn't raining she'd spread a blanket, and lay there. She'd lay on her blanket, and watch Her sky, Her clouds, and at night Her moon, and Her stars. How she loved them, she did all Her children.

G-d quickly bounded up the stairwell concerned that her ice cream might melt. As She went up She enjoyed the aroma of cooking from half a dozen ethnic groups. Her neighbors were preparing, and settling down for their evening meals.

The "Divine" enjoyed the music the symphony's of all their various languages, and the emotions behind them. At last G-d got to Her apartment,..6-B. She put Her key into her triple "Medico" lock, and went in. Her cats Caine, and Able were indignantly waiting for her. It was well past their dinner time, and they were more than slightly annoyed.

Her pets didn't care if She was G-d,...they were cats, and 'they' were hungry.


The G-d of Abraham, the Lord of Ghandi, the Mother Creator of all that was is or will be was on the roof of Her sixth floor "walkup." She was sitting in a lawn chair,..listening. It was well past midnight, and it was snowing. The sharp winter winds had sculpted drifts all around her.

G-d was looking out over the city, and listening to prayers. The "Lord Creator" listened to prayers the way people listened to the radio. The music of souls was in the air. The sky was bathed in prayer they danced over the city like bright, and sparkling aurora's.

G-d watched, and listened. She listened to each,..and..every one.


G-d was sitting in a dinner. She was eating an apple turnover, and drinking coffee, black no sugar. It was an early spring afternoon. The pleasant weather had brought people out on to the streets after their long winter hibernations.

Just regular folks, individuals, couples, families, and their pets were strolling amiably about. This pleased G-d. She liked to see her children happy, and spring was perhaps the happiest of seasons. The abiding earth awakening from it's long winters rest. The budding of seeds. The awakening of life, and hope

G-d thumbed through a copy of "Time" magazine. Wars, fears,...some of her children were very consistent indeed. The founder of "Dreams", and She who filled the "Well of Souls" looked up from an article on "celebrity pet cloning", and noticed a teenaged girl with a pet ferret around her neck.

She smiled,..G-d smiled. She took another bite of Her sugar frosted turnover, and mused on how full of love, and good intent human beings were. Yet also how full of raging darkness as well. This ability the power to embrace light, and darkness is unique to this species.

It is a gift, this power. A gift from the "Divine" to humanity. It is there so that these people would one day weave something from them. Something greater than than either. Will they succeed? Will these children achieve transcendence? Time will tell.

Speaking of "time" it was getting late, and the Lord G-d Almighty" had to get home. Her cats were probably furious with Her again. She hadn't cleaned their box in a few days.

G-d finished Her coffee, as She rose She reached into her purse, and took out three silver coins. Three Greek coins from the Empire of Alexander. The "Lord of Hosts" left these next to her empty cup as a tip, and left the shop.


The "Lord of Creation" was on a downtown bus, She was headed to a dentists appointment. Some of Her fillings were loose. G-d was seated on one of those hard plastic bench's toward the back, and was looking out the window.

The ebb, and flow of the traffic reminded Her of the start'n stop gliding of schools of fish. The "Lord" couldn't help, but beam,..She smiled despite the bad fillings. For She loved all of Her children so...,from the smallest creatures on the bottom of the sea to the bus driver that was battle the traffic.

G-d turned, and looked around the bus at the passangers. She saw that almost all the tribes of humanity were here. Yes, New York, Constantinople, Babylon how they all gathered the family together. She enjoyed her time in all of them.

Here they were again on this downtown bus. There was a Russian plumber filling out a lotto ticket. A young African school girl telling secrets to her best friend. A Korean house painter idly cleaning plaster from under his finger nails. There at the side were two Mexican women in animated conversation about the new bookstore they were going to open.

And,.. An old woman, a woman who had lived most of her life in rural China. She was stareing. Stareing at "Her",..G-d. The woman looked from behind dark crinkled lids with clear brown eyes. Eyes that held recognition. "I see You." Eyes that beheld "G-d Almighty" on a bouncing downtown bus on an unremarkable day.

This didn't happen often, being seen, being "recognized." When it did it was usually small children or the dying. Those closest to transition, either entering or leaving this life. 'Children, the Dying' This woman that saw Her,..saw G-d was neither.

Her name was Violet. This woman who could see,..who could behold the "Creator of the Heavens, and the Earth,..Violet. Now when she was very young she was a soldier. A soldier in a terrible war. In that she saw much suffering, terrible grief. Then later she loved, became a mother. Then a student, then a healer.

Violet spent most of her life as an urbalist. She learned how the Earth itself was a life giving organism. She used her knowledge of this to cure illness, assist childbirth, and ease death.

G-d, and Violet just sat, and beheld each other as New York honked, and blinked around them. Till at last Violet asked G-d, asked in a calm voice,.."Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"Almighty G-d" She who laid the foundations of Worlds!, look at Violet with just a touch of a gentle smile on her lips, and said,.."Yes."

Violet thought about G-d's answer as the bus waited for a stream of police cars, and fire engines their sirens blareing to pass. In a few minutes they were moving again. The bus eventually pulled up to Union Square, the woman's stop.

Violet got up to leave, but turned at the last moment, as the middle doors opened, and asked G-d,.."Are you happy?" The "Maker of All Things" thought a moment, and said,.."I'll let you know." The woman nodded, and went on her way.

That night her mouth still numb from the novcaine. G-d thought again about Violets last question. "Am I happy?" How wise Her children were. Happiness was the whole point of this particular creation. Happiness, joy, fullfillment, the Lord smiled. "Ophra" is closer to the Truth than she knows", but still is the "Creator" happy?

Cain, and Able God's Persian cats meowed loudly. They were demanding attention, 'and' their dinner,..again. Btw, a better brand of kitty litter would be nice too they told the "Mother of Creation."

As "G-d Almighty" She who painted the silent void with fire, and dreams knelt on her kitchen floor, and fed her dear companions. She looked out of her window, and saw that the night sky danced again with bright aurora's of prayer's.

She will listen. Yes G-d will listen again to the Dreams, and Nightmares of Her children. G-d who made the stars shine, and galaxies spin will listen to the prayers of the world. Though tonight she will pray too.

Tonight God will Pray 'with' Her Children.




G-d is not far away in some golden heaven, ruling some distant Paradise. G-d is here with us. Always has been. Always will be. Because G-d's Heaven is on Earth.

The blue, and fruitful world continued to sail around it's golden sun. Life went on with all it's joys, sorrows, and mysteries. The years gathered into centuries. The centuries into millenia, and the millenia into ages. Ages that melted mountains, lowered, and raised seas, and rearranged the stars.

In this time all life was in the sea, as it was in the beginning. Humanity had long since transcended to their bright realities. Oh! How that pleased G-d! She was still with them, and loved them in their new realms.

Though She'd followed her children as they scattered themselves amongst the stars. She still remembered, and abided on the earth. Now She dwelled in the seas with her newer children. This as the land rested, and healed from it's long work.

G-d, the maker of Worlds, the founder of Dreams swam in clouds of plankton. She manuvered amongst schools of fish, burrowed with worms, swayed with sea weed, 'and' Contemplated with Whales. Whales..,and the others of their kind were the next of Her children who would find their way to the stars.

She would learn with them, wonder with them, pray with them till at last they too found their bright place in eternity. She would do this for them as She had for all of Her children on all of the Earths.

With Patients She would Watch.

With Patients She would Guide.

With Patients She would Love.



Some of this story is true, some is not. Not yet, but it's all sincerely shared.

I woke up this morning with "Wings!" Not little fledgling feathers, but with radiant Raphael renaissance wings. Think the Angel Gabriel in all them Annunciation paintings.

I was in bed between being awake, and dreaming when I felt an itch where I'd never felt one before. Something was going on around my shoulder blades. I experienced that strange sensation amputees have, but in reverse. There was now 'more' instead of less.

I touched my back. There was something there. I rolled out of bed, and nearly fell over, center of gravity had changed! I picked my way through the semi-light of early dawn to my dresser mirror.

Well there I was. Looking as I usually did when I wake up. At least now in my grumpy middle years. I'll spare you the grim details, but there was a light over my shoulders. I half turned. Wings.

I had wings.


A few days ago,...before the wings. I was stand'n on a corner waiting for the light to change. There were some school kids horse'n around near the edge. One of the kids spilled out into the street oblivious to the danger.

An "SUV" big as a tank was speeding straight at 'em! The bastard wasn't even thinking about slow'n down. As they say in these sorts of stories, time slowed down. The world, and all in it seemed to drift like feathers in a light breeze.

Well I was standing right there so I just reached out, and pulled the kid in. Time resumed it's natural flow. The car/tank flashed by, and the kids didn't miss a beat. They continued laff'n, and playing.

All of them apparently unknowing of the tragedy averted. The light finally changed, and the kids frolicked away. Life went on.

Once more I "happened" to be there to pull someone in. "Right place", "Right time",...again. A few months ago there was that little boy I pulled back from slipping over a railing, and falling into the East River. Then there was that teenage girl I yanked back from stepping into the path of a bus.

Theres more,...the old lady in the subway, the man at that construction site I happened to be passing, the little girl, and that car backing out of the driveway.

Wait it gets better.

A couple of summers ago there were these two teenagers that were gonna knife each other to bits on the subway. I stood between them. Don't ask me why I did it 'cause I don't know.

One moment I'm sitting with everybody else hoping that someone would 'do' something. Next thing I know that someone was me! How the hell did that happen?! Hey, I'm a New Yorker, but I ain't that crazy!

Now this sort'a thing has been going on for most of my life. Since I was a kid. I never questioned it. It was just 'something' that happened sometimes. There's people that can shoot milk through their nose's, me I save complete strangers from certain death.

'And no, I can't predict horse races or lotto numbers. My rotten luck, figures. Unfortunately this ain't a "gift" I can make a living off of. Don't expect to see me on "Oprah" anytime soon. Unless of course I "happened" to pull her from the path of a speeding "Health Quack", and their publicists!

Anyway through it all the folks involved in these "incidents" don't got a clue. They all seem totally oblivious to the danger averted. I guess it all happens too fast for them to notice that the very "Jaws of Death" had just snapped at them!
'And because I was there,...missed.


I was considering this curious personal history as I looked over my shoulder at my wings. Interesting, they seem to react to light like a prism. My every movement was creating rainbows.

Truly this is a neat gift though I don't think I ever prayed for it. I suppose this is my "Stigmata", my unasked for token from Heaven.

I should say to those not raised by deranged Nuns. The stigmata is a sign from G-d to the particularly faithful or insane. Take ya pick. Since I consider organized religion the worse disaster in human history. Well, maybe second to the last ice age or that comet or whatever that blew away all the dinosaurs. I guess that narrows ya choices.

(About the stigmata though. You're basically awarded, "awarded" mind you with the inconvenient, and extremely painful wounds suffered by Jesus during his passion. Good grief!)

One look at that Jesus blood fest that Mel Gibson splattered across the cineplex's of the world should give you a good idea of what this"gift" is about. Nailed hands, and feet. Crown of thorns, stabbed side, the works as only "gawd da father can provide!"

Kind'a makes ya wonder what the 'other side' is offering. Humm, just sign here in my own blood eh? Do that, and I get's my way with the world for the rest of my greedy life. Tempting.

(Eh..., now that I think about it maybe this sign'n my soul away to the fiery furnace ain't so sweet'a deal after all. Nothin' personal there Mr. Satan, but I'll keep the wings. Getting molten lead enemas for eternity don't sound like a good deal afterall.

Also I've seen that episode of the "Twilight Zone", ya know the one with Sebastian Cabot as the devil. Forget it. I got enuff problems as it is with these damned wings, and work'n at WBAI!

Them wings though, I seemed to have been let off easy on the the stigmata scale. They don't bleed, and they weigh almost nothing. I wonder if I can fly? Wait'a minute, that 'would' put me on "Oprah!" Things might be look'n up for me after all.

I'm assume'n that this is a gift from the "Good Guys." My wings are amazing. They seem to have weightless weight, and edgeless edges, presence without presence. Running my hands over them is like passing ones fingers through a thick warm mist. They're just this side of solid.


The Dreams. I have too often seen things that will happen. 9/11, the south Asian tsunamis. I had dreamed these, and other things over the years, and told you about them on the air. On my radio program, "Carrier Wave". I described these terrible events in detail long before they happened. Others did so as well, and you laughed, and forgot.

The dreams are the worst because no one believes them, and when they come true they don't remember I told them. If I bring it up they look at me like I belong on the front page of a supermarket tabloid. Yeah me shaking hands with a space alien or a yeti or somethin'.

All I can do is see these things. I can't stop them. I once begged G-d to take this "gift" away. I remember telling this to my dear friend, and long time popular radio host Bob Fass. He said it was "better to 'see', and tell" because a few "might hear it", and believe. Some "might benefit from your gift which is why you have it!"

Then there's the Spirits. They visit me, always have since I was little. They touch my hands, my face. They enter my dreams, the speak to me, and show me wonders, and horrors.

Angels, Spirits, Demons, remembering the future, pulling souls from the jaws of eternity,...and now Wings! Have I been given this unambiguous miracle so that those I pull from "Well of Forever" will know from where their rescue really comes?

Paradise has bestowed on me an undeniable token. Bright Wings! A Miracle for which I did not ask, and don't know what to do with.

'..but I'm sure I'll think of something.



A while back I was remembering a childhood event. I told the story on the air of how my Aunt Sybil "Knighted" my brother,cousins, and me.

Long, long ago when Kennedy was our young, noble King, and Woodstock was an unknown farm town. I was a kid. In this instance I was a kid playing in my aunt Sybil's back yard. I was happily raise'n hell with my brother John, and my cousins Jimmy, and Henry.

We were happy, secure, innocent, and playing in our aunt Sybil's house in Hollis Queens. Btw, we called auntie, "Mum",...can't remember why. Just as none of us remembers why we call my little sister "Cookie." All lost in the mists of kidhood.

Well there we were scream'n, and jumping uping down! When out comes "Mum" to the grassy yard. She set up the big lawn chair, and put a pillow in front of it. She also brought out our Grandma's colorful winter quilt.

You guys ever read "Prince Valiant?" My auntie did. In fact it was her favorite story book from childhood. So it's no surprise that we all got "Prince Valiant" sets at Christmas. Well we got sox, books, and other useless stuff too, but Mum always came through with the neat presents.

She once gave me a model airplane w/a real gasoline motor in it! One summer I was flying it in Prospect Park, and the cord snapped. It flew away. I never in all these years found the wreckage. I like to think it's still flying somewhere in the world,..China maybe.

'But the Prince Valiant set, oh my, it was so beautifully made! Bright painted tin shield, golden sword, and plumed "flower pot" helmet! This stuff would be worth a fortune today on ebay if you could find it! (...and I've looked) Well Mum brings these out with her to the yard, and performs magic.

We got in line shortest to tallest, and before we knew it we were Knighted! Me, Henry, Johnny, then Jimmy. Each in our turn would don Grandma's quilt as we knelt before Mum.

She held the golden sword above us while saying grownup words then gently touched one shoulder then the other with the Prince's glinting blade. I can't remember all that she said, but I do know that it felt serious. Not play.

Our Aunt Sybil was giving us something important. Something that was real. Very real. Was that the moment when we all became men? That so long ago summer day when we knelt before she who would later become the "Matriarch" of all our families.

The years passed our innocence slipping away. My brother, and cousins grew up to be paratroopers, and fought in the Indochina wars. They were the "Knights", that's what they called themselves. My cousin Henry even painted a winged "Excalibur" on the side of his helicopter.

I have often wondered if the magic that Auntie gave us that day helped them to survive over there. I think it did. I think Mum knew exactly what she was doing.

There are only two Knights left now my brother, and me. Time, and the world have taken the others. Still that warm day lives in us. That gift from our dear Auntie has seen us into a new century, and a grateful middleage.

God Bless You Mum.

Whereas I said I don't remember all the words that were said over us I always meant to compose something to fill in the gaps. Here it is. I pinched most of it from books, or movies though a few words are mine. I hope it may come in handy for you if you ever have to Knight a worthy person. Be they old or very, very young no matter, one size fits all.

"The Oath of a Knight"

Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave, be honest, be generous, and kind. Oppose evil in all of it's forms. Have the wisdom to do not what is easy, but what is right. Respect Women. Safeguard the helpless, respect all faiths. But beware of "Pride" the source of all error.

Now in the name of G-d the founder of Dreams. She who filled the "Well of Forever" with souls, and put smiles on the lip of the yet born. In the Name of She who painted the void with fire. In that Name!, and in the names of Saint Michael, and Saint George the slayer of Dragons,...You are Consecrated, rise, a Knight, and assume your responsibilities.


Ai said...

A veritable tour de force, Sidney. Deeply felt and wonderfully written stuff, I stand in awe O__o

Do you publish your texts (rather prose poems) or are they restricted to your blog? The latter case would be tragic because these literary and intellectual gems deserve a wider audience.

Ai said...

Cain and Abel make me think of another kitty, Gracie. Any news?


sidneylann995 said...

Sorry I only publish online. I've never followed up on interest in my stuff. 'Guess I need a literary assistant.

As for my devilish kat she had come back to the ranch! Happy, and hungry as ever. I really missed her I'm glad she's okay.

The little hudlum still won't come into the house. Fortunately,..for her at least. It's still warm in New York.

Not HOT! Thank the G-ddess, but warm days, and now blessedly cool nights.

Anyhow it's still nice enough for her to sleep outside. However next month I'm planning to bribe her into my warm kitchen.

I'll let you, and the gang know how that works out.

Much love to you!