Friday, September 7, 2007


Hey anybody there? Ha! 5 people come here a week. So just thinking out loud what the hell am I waste'n my time for working on this anymore. Well it's still kind'a fun, least for me.

That, and those 5 people are my friends. Okay, good enuff. I'll keep at it.

Another thing. I'm having all sorts of memory problems. I mean more than usual. Stuff will just drop out of my head. Very annoying. Also I seemed to have lost the ability to spell. Well okay I never really could, but it's got worse.


Anyway it's supposed to be 90f today so I guess I go to Coney Island one last time for the season. The bastards are gonna wreck it over the winter, and most of it won't be back next season.

The future of our beloved Mermaid's Parade is still up in the air. Unless someone out there has fresh news as to it's fate. My gawd I'm going to miss her. That was one of the best weird, horny, loud, drunken traditions this city ever had.

The Parade, and Coney Island are bitting the dust to make room for more oblivious rich termites.


Ya know it's high time we did something about them folks. Naw I didn't mean shove'n pipe bombs under their SUV's. Tempting, but not something pacifists should do if ya see my point.

No we should come up with something more entertaining to let them evil termite people know just how fed up working folks are with them. Yeah dream on. This is America. We're too stupid to fight for our own interests.

Wait,...I know. We'll come up with a new flavor of health food based on monkey shit, and get those mama'lukes to eat it. We'll come up with some chic bullshit about how it all ecological, and prolongs life, or increases intelligence.

We'll have a comrad plant an article in the "New Yorker" about an ancient Mayan recipe reserved for the gawds'n.

Throw in a bunch of health buzz words, and some new age double talk about increased concentration, centering of being, and other assorted Ram Dass nonsense. Yeah, stuff like "the digested essence of jungle roots", and "Andean" vines mixed with natural spring water, and "Yucatan" berries or some such whooie.

'Have a couple of bright'n happy yuppies with shit eating grins on their mugs sucking this crap down in all the ads. 'Have it seen in the backround of hip movies. On the coffee tables of rich babes'n power brokers.

In no time them annoying fuckers that are driving the middle class, and poor into the sea will be chew'n, and chug-ga-lugg'n this...SHIT! Yep we'll call it "Amazonia".

"Amazonia" Sparkling Vine Esscence, and "Amazonia Energy Crunch Bars!" These dummies will be eating, and drinking monkey shit by da millions, and line'n up for seconds. Oh sweet'n nasty revenge thy name is Amazonia.

Okay not as satisfy'n as blowing them up in their giant Plutocratmobiles, but it still makes the point.

Eat Shit!

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