Saturday, September 1, 2007

"The Right to have Beauty"

Of all the things that human beings or any living creatures need, besides food water, and a warm place to crap. Besides these swell things what we need, what really matters after bellies are full, and bladders empty is Beauty.


The real deal, not some jazzed up stuff deliberately knocked together to get you to buy or fuck something. You'll know it when you see it. I don't have to do some big deal essay here 'cause ya already know what I'm talking about.

This damned machine we live in ain't beauty. Neither is underclass squalor or dolled up middle class neon. Not even close. It can't be bought or made. The right to beauty comes as a neat part of the "right to life",...excuse the expression.

Time was ya couldn't throw a brick without hit'n a piece'a beauty between the eyes. She was everywhere, and she smelled great too! Ha! Seen her anywhere lately? It's like we don't deserve her anymore.

It's as if she's afraid of us now. What with so many of us turned into deranged grasping demons or just boreing everyday victims.


Yeah we got a right to beauty okay, but maybe now we gots to earn her back. We have to woo her, convince her that she's our birthright again. We should persue this holy of holy sacraments. We need to take a real hot bath in virture or something. We need to scrub the stink of greed, and boredom off our butts.

That done who knows she just might drop us an e-mail for lunch.

More later.

(Here's todays Zen moment.)

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