Sunday, September 9, 2007

"Radio Daze"

Sometimes being a radio engineer sucks. Yeah, yeah I know it's my job, and they pay me for it blah, blah. However tonight I'm fed up with straight people. Them, their music, culture, politics, customs, insanities, the works.

In the same way they're revolted by Dykes, and Queers I'm lately disgusted with most of them. Don't get me wrong I like, and am pals with Tony Ryan, and Mark Laosa. But their shows early this morning,..well.

Tony's show is all black straight "I love my baby music" swell. All that drippy soul stuff about romance'n, and fucking your "baby" in the the alley behind the club.

Knowing as I run this show that everyone listening to it would either gleefully shove me into an oven or look the other way while some other bunch'a "brothers" did it.

At the carribean day parade there were three different floats encourage'n gay bash'n. One of them was this preacher say'n how the black nation will strike down all perversion,...the crowd cheered.

Nothing like being in a crowd of folks that openly express's the desire for your bloody extinction. The other two did the "Batty Boy" routine. Batty Boys are fags, and in the carribean they kill'em,..batty boys that is.

Period, talk, no fuss, no muss. They hunt Queers down, and kill them. These savages beat them to death, and set the bodies on fire.

Amnesty International called Jamaica the most dangerous place in the world for Queers. Well okay that was last year. I guess they're only 2nd or 3rd now,...not including Brooklyn.

Well this, and alot of little nasty things that have been adding up over the last year or two. This stuff has made me hate straight men. Well "hate" may go too far. Certainly I'm at least weary of them. Very weary.

If I had the option never to have to deal with or see straight males ever again I'd take the deal. Where the fuck do I sign!

This awful rainbow flag yanking thing was sort of the lastest last straw. Especially since very few at the radio station either know or care very much about the incident.

Imagine if someone tore down or defaced Malcomb X's happy face from our walls.

You can just imagine da selfrightous bullshit. Wouldn't be surprized if they had that hudlum opportunist "Rev." Sharpton or one of his jive pals show up to join the pissing contest.

Say wouldn't it be fun just for a day to have straight men walk in our shoes. To be fair game for assault, insults, murder, and have no one care.

Naw that wouldn't work. Black Americans hate Queers, and their suffering clearly doesn't give them any understanding of ours. So it wouldn't work on straight guys either. Empathy. They have no Empathy. Neither bunch.

Oh in case ya wondering I'm brown or black or in anycase not white. So I have intimate knowledge of black gay hate.

Well excuse me while I figure out what to do with my rage.

As for the "Cosmic Debris" show this morning. Good grief! Mark will you com'on. No one wants to hear a loud screeching John Cage "piece from hell" tearing their eardrums to shreds at 6:00am!

I nearly jumped out of the window fer christ's sakes!!!

Hell, did I do something to piss you off, and this was ya revenge?

Aw nevermind we're pals. Just lay off the "Cage" till I've had a shot of heroin or something to pad the experience.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Sidney, take a look at this excellent short movie and also read her new book:

sidneylann995 said...

Hummm, can't connect. Server can't find it. Is there another way in?

sidneylann995 said...

Okay, found it. Yeah 'makes sense to me. Mostly I don't buy the conspiracy static, but this one makes more sense than most. I'll put up the youtube video.

Anonymous said...

Sidney, this is no conspiracy nonsense, this is an amazingly well researched work, by a thoroughly competent woman.

Her book by the same name is just out this week, parts of which have been published in The Nation and elsewhere.